Wednesday, June 30, 2010

South Pasadena Rotary *heart* Corazon...part 3

Awww Geeeze, Kathy!!! Another picture???

Chiropractor extraordinaire...4 years Corazon veteran!!!

The family always fixes lunch...usually beans, rice and tortillas...this year, a special deep fried cheese and meat tasty treat and some awesome homemade salsa!!!

A well deserved siesta...first time at a Super Build and all tuckered out!!!

It's another good ol' fashion roof raising...

Tools of the trade...

Design consultation for the counter...
another Super Build first timer and already an expert tile setter!!!

Yep! I do believe this board's straight!!!
He should know...not only is he a contractor by trade, he's a 4 year veteran of the
Rotary Super Builds!!!

Showing his appreciation for his first time building!!!

Family participation...

The roof brigade!!!

Big brother and little sis getting excited about their new loft!!!

Mom, Dad and little "who's it"

The whole family!!!

Builders extraordinaire...
So Pas Rotary, Blair High School Interact Club (Rotary sponsored leadership club), and Corazon volunteers...

If you're interested in more information or volunteering for a Corzon project click here.


  1. Oh what a terrific photojournal of this wonderful group effort. Take a bow K. These are just great.

  2. Here! Here! Enjoyed the saga muchly.

  3. Interesting series of posts. Admitting total ignorance, I didn't know Rotarians did this kind of project. I'm impressed and touched. Wonderful to see such open-hearted work for others. You guys are great.

  4. You have so much to be proud of, both of you, all of you. What a fantastic project. And I imagine you'll do it again next year!

  5. Don't know if we'll make it next year Petrea, but there's a pretty good chance of it!!!

    Welcome Oakland Daily Photo!!! And yes, Rotarians do a lot of both community and international projects. Our first Rotarian international project was taking 280 wheelchairs to the indigent in the areas surrounding Puerto Vallarta. Rotarians had the experience of literally lifting people without legs or who were completely crippled, and putting them in wheelchairs. For the first time in those people's lives, they had mobility to get around on their own. It was an awesome experience, and our first taste of the Rotary commitment to our communities and the world at large. And of course, we did manage to tip a few margaritas and visit the beaches of PV as well!!! Rotary international has been committed to eradicating polio and bringing clean water to third world countries, long before those issues became popular in the media. In addition, there are many fine projects that each individual club or district undertake. I can't say enough about is truly an awesome organization.

    Thanks for the kudos AH and V!!! It's easy to take good photographs when the project and people are so fabulous!!!

  6. The Rotarians have an interesting history. Thomas Mann was a member. Have you ever thought about doing this earlier in the year say, when it's cooler?). You might get more volunteers (hint hint)

    whose the chiropractor? he's cute, is he single? not for me but...

  7. Amazing effort, and fascinating to have your documenting of the build. I have the impression that Americans are very good at community things like this.

    Yes, the chiropractor is cute! Not that I'm looking in the year of our 25th wedding anniversary!


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