Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There has been life outside of the Mammoth Saga!!!

Well, amidst the packing and planning and yesterday's up and back trip to meet the owner of our new still goes on!!! Awhile back, my night location class at Tri-Community went to Dana Point...

My mind had been a bit distracted, and while I had intended on stopping to buy a memory card on my way to Dana Point that night...well, little did I know that LaCanada Camera shop didn't carry the memory card that I needed, and once I got on the freeway, yep, I forgot to stop at Samy's....

I had 0 shots left on my memory card...

And I couldn't find anyplace open in Dana Point to get a new card either...
(Keep in mind, I usually carry extras, but I had just used up my last 4GB card, and couldn't find my 8GB card...yep...lost an 8GB CF memory card...)

I had 0 shots and had just driven 70 miles through 2 hours of rush hour traffic (an oxymoron if ever there was one)

Sooo, not to be defeated...I deleted the definite busts on the card...y'know, the ones that are completely whited out or blacked out....or so obviously badly focused or composed...

And ended up with 15 shots!!! there were a whole lot more bad shots, just not so obvious on my too small VGA screen...(my camera's old digital cameras go...the screen's have gotten so much bigger!!!)

By the way...I found my 8GB memory card a few days later!!!


  1. Kathryn, so glad you found some memory to use.
    These are gorgeous shots. Wish I was there to
    see the views. Wow, impressive.

    Say is this move to Mammoth a permanent thing! Can't
    wait to see the snow shots this coming winter.

    You take care!

  2. Everything you went through for these was worth it.

    And you tell a good story!

  3. Gosh, I haven't been to Dana Point in years. You really captured it!

  4. Particularly like the intricacies of the ship.

  5. Impressive panorama and tall ship!

  6. Great shots. Loved Dan's "speech" last night!

  7. Thanks DD!!! Mammoth is a year long thing, at least for now...could be longer...we'll see how we fare through the winter!!!

    Thanks P!!! Coming from a terrific storyteller like yourself, I'm humbled!!!

    Thanks Pas Pio! Dana Point's not far away...a good little area to visit!!!

    Thanks AH! I didn't even know about these ships until I went there with the was my favorite part to photograph!!!

    Welcome Valeria and thank you!!! They were quite impressive!!!

    Thanks Mr. E...the Hubman "...learned early on that if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything!!!"


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