Saturday, December 31, 2016


What says SoCal more than an LA area freeway???

Perhaps a long distance view of LA at sunset???

I took this with my new Nikon d750 and new Nikkor 70-200mm lens!
Santa and TheChief were very good to me for my birthday and Christmas this year!!!

Happy New Year!!! 


 May your new year be filled with 
love and laughter...
and if you've got a camera...
may you enjoy every click of the shutter!!!


News Flash!!!  Santa is heading back to the North Pole!!!

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Good Wishes to All!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannakah to all!!!
May Peace and Sanity reign in our world this New Year!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Just What is Hoar Frost???

You've probably guessed by my blog title that I was born and raised in Southern California.
I was a sun goddess growing up...
flip flops year round...
beach time...
but more likely you'd find me at the lake water skiing.

Be that as it may...I also had experienced snow...
here and there...
once, even at my house in Glendale...I was about 4 years old!

So when I moved to Mammoth Lakes, I was still a Newbie to living in and with snow.

And I had never heard of Hoar Frost!

Until I started blogging, and saw a post about Hoar Frost on my blogging friend
Linda Pierson's blog of her rancher's life in Alberta, Canada. where there was lot's of snow...I went searching for Hoar Frost!!!

"The Free Dictionary says....2. a covering of minute ice crystals, 
formed from the atmosphere at night upon the ground
 and exposed objects when they have cooled by radiation below the dew point."
(Not sure about the radiation part...but the rest worked for me!)
And I found it in Lee Vining!!!

Just the right amount of moisture to cold...and magic happens!!!

I'm getting cold just looking back on these!!!

Snow...and Hoar Frost...are so delicate and beautiful...

...and cold!!!

While I don't miss snow on the ground in June, 
I do miss the beauty and peace of a fresh snowfall, and searching for Hoar Frost 
on a cold, wintry day!!!

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