Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moving Days!!!

Our dear friends Art and Linda (and traveling companions extraordinaire) helped us with our first load to the Mountain!!! We each drove a vehicle, stuffed to the proverbial gills. Once there, the unloading took place, relatively effortlessly...except...Art had some difficulty with the Hubman's shoes...

What?!!! The Wart Hog made it???
It's a long story, but suffice it to be said that the Hubman and I struck a deal...he could keep his precious wart hog front and center as long as I could keep my family artwork...I think he got the better part of the deal...

Self explanatory!!!

The Hubman getting used to the stairs and the altitude...take a deep breath...

First story boxes...

Second story foxes...
Linda doing her best Mata Hari impersonation...

Occasionally we carried stuff upstairs...

Lot's to put away...

Yep...that's our view!!!

Natalie and Greg came by to see us...Natalie offered to hold the flag until a proper holder was put in place...
(you can see Natalie in her Heritage Square costume in Petrea's Pasadena Daily Photo blog...)

Greg attempting to put the flag holder in place so Natalie can sit and relax on the awesome deck....

The Hubman getting used to the new digs...

Ohhhhh...Daisy....all those stairs...we're all going to be huffing and puffing!!!

Stay tuned...I'll be back...but it may be awhile...


  1. Wow. Such friends are so good they're practically immortal.

    When I photographed Natalie at Heritage Square I had no idea we had mutual friends. This world gets smaller and smaller. Hi, Natalie!

    And I'm sorry, I can't tell what the wart hog is. A refrigerator? Small price to pay for the family art.

  2. Don't know which I like betters, the view or Hubman's shirt.

  3. What a view! I know what you mean about the altitue and huffing and puffing. You both are going to be so fit with all those stairs...who needs a Stairmaster. Linda looks very foxy!
    I. is heading up with friend's family to Convict Lake for 2 weeks...we'll be up on the weekends. So sorry to have missed you...we'll definitely see you sometime soon. Enjoy your travels.

  4. That VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm loving Hub's shirt, too.

    Can't wait for the next installment.

  5. My favorite captions are "first story boxes...2nd story foxes!" Lol! Congrats on your new place! I look forward to new pictures and new adventures!

  6. I'll just bunk with Earl. :) Earl, do you snore???

    This looks like a place we can all love.....even our sweet precious Daisy. Take it easy and settle in then, let us see our new vacation destination! :)

  7. V: You'll be too exhausted to care.

  8. Well now. That sounds like it has possibilities, although I'm a little worried about the altitude. :)

  9. You can always cover the wart hog with the shirt

  10. Petrea...the warthog is the lovely piece of art on the frig...but I think I'm liking Pas Adjacent's idea of covering it with Altadena Hiker's favorite Hubman shirt..something about killing two birds with one stone???

    Sorry we missed you this time Tash..but next time you're in town, let us know!!!

    Virginia and Mr. E...never fear...we've got enough bedrooms so you both can have your own!!!'d best be coming up to visit and see the view in person!!!

    Kat...I think Linda got a kick out of the caption for her photo too!!!

    Thanks all!!! I'll be posting pics of our fab trip soon!!!

  11. If they ask about me, I'll just tell them I'm now in Mammoth with friends. ;)


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