Friday, June 25, 2010

South Pasadena Rotary and Corazon...a Winning Combination!!!

This was the Hubman's and my fourth trip to Tecate Mexico to build a house in a day with Rotary District 5300 and Corazon. Now, what's unusual about this trip you say??? This year, instead of just a few SoPasadenans joining the Rotary District to help build houses in one of their "Super Builds", the Hubman had the brilliant idea that the SoPas Rotary chapter ought to build one house on their own!!! It was a grand international project for our club, and a personal project for the Hubman, and a grand example of "be careful what you ask for"...he was selected to head up the project for the club. There were fundraisers to plan and volunteers to coerce...actually, it was easy getting people to volunteer...signing up on the website volunteer page was a whole other matter...

The Hubman looking official, at 6am in the morning...

Hmmm....another designated photographer??? I thought he was a contractor...

Uh-oh!!! More competition!!!

South Pas Rotary proud to announce their project in progress...

Now isn't she just the cutest??? The cat too??? This little lady captured the hearts and photo shots of all the Rotarians building her family's new home...oh...and the cat? I think her name was wet noodle 'cause she folded in just about every direction in that little girl's arms, and didn't mind it a bit!!!

Madame past City Manager of South Pasadena...

Big brother helping to paint his new home...

Kitty cat checking out the equipment...

Isn't she just the cutest???

According to our friend Carrie (my photographer's assistant on the trip and translator extraordinaire), the kitty being folded and held by our little sweetheart here, did not have a name, until the end of the day. The family named her Corazon!!!

Check back in a couple of days for the next installment of South Pasadena and Corazon!!!


  1. And then there was the marvelous cat with no name. At the end of the day, the family decided to call her Corazon

  2. Wonderful. Can't wait for the next installment.

  3. That is just fantastic! Your hubman and all you volunteers are dear hearts. The girl IS a darling.
    PS - I've got a post for you on today's (Sunday)

  4. What an amazing project. Looks like you weren't too bothered by rain stopping the build.

  5. You two are always surprising me. Wonderfully.

  6. Great project and great pix -- how darn those other photographers horn in your territory.

  7. New fotog's are vying to be your replacement down here for when you fly the coop to go up north for the winter.

    Buile in Tecate? Sounds like the city was chosen by a male Rotarian.

  8. Carrie...a wonderful conclusion to the story!!! installment, coming up!!!

    Tash!!! I'm so humbled!!! Thanks for your post!!! Check out for a great view of the Mammoth Twin Lakes!!!

    No rain Linda...lot's of sunshine!!!

    Ahhhhh...thanks AH!!!!

    I know Margaret!!! And one of them even had my dream camera!!!

    You're right Cafe...there was definitely an ulterior motive to having the build in Tecate...our tailgate parties in the parking lot after the build pretty much summed it up!!!


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