Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Little Corner of the World...Expanded!!!

Imagine what it would be like to not be able to lock your front door...
because you have no front door, or a door to lock.

Yep...it's that time of year again!!!

You may remember a previous post or two about our yearly project in Mexico...
with Rotary and Corazon!!!
With the help of service clubs and organizations like Rotary,
Corazon.org builds homes in Mexico
for people who otherwise would not be able to afford their own home...
complete with a lock on the front door.

Most of the families that get homes from the Corazon program have come
to the Tijuana or Tecate areas from Central or Southern Mexico.
They are very poor...but have managed to purchase the lot
on which the house will be built.
The families are then required to do many hours of community service,
learning what it means to live in a community, and help one another.
They are also required to take various classes in things
like job skills, how to get and keep jobs,
domestic violence and child abuse prevention,
gardening, nutrition...and many more.

This year we went with the Mammoth Lakes Rotary Club to 
Chula Vista, CA...our "base camp" and on to Tijuana for the build.

That Saturday morning we met at a local grocery as usual...

...at the crack of dawn!!!

The Corazon.org President, 
Tom McMillen started the day off with organization instructions for the 4 builds, 
and how to get where we're going.

 This family was ready for us!!!

Once there, we got a few words of wisdom from Sean Ferragher...
our Lead Builder-Extraordinaire!!!

Then it was time to get to work!!!

The painting crew had to be organized...

...and the walls had to be put together.

 It didn't take long and those walls were
ready to put up!!!

How many Rotarians does it take to hammer a beam to a wall???

Can you believe it???  
The roof was up before noon!!!

 The afternoon was finishing touches...

...and TheChief's favorite...the roof shingles!!!  
(BTW...the guy standing in front, by TheChief...
that's our Doris' daddy, Sam, 
who came all the way from New Jersey to help out!)

Sometimes you just need to step back and take it all in...

Then there's the addition of a personal touch...

...and a few gifts for the family's housewarming!

And the most important part of the day...
handing the family the keys to their new home!!!

It was a great day...and a great crew!!!

Mammoth Lakes Rotary has a great reputation for a hard working group
that gets in and gets it done...early!!!
(There's something to be said for that burst of sea level oxygen
after living at 8000 feet altitude where the oxygen levels are a bit scarce!!!)

And then the really hard part of the day...
...getting back across the border at the Tijuana crossing!!!
It took 1/2 hour to get to the border crossing from the build location...

...and 3 hours at the border crossing!!!  

(we much prefer the Tecate builds...the Tijuana crossing is always pretty bad)

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