Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Hubman!!!

Thank you for making me a "mom" and a "grandma" all in the same day those many moons ago...and for all the days since!!!


  1. I just love the happiness in the last picture.

  2. Look at those happy mugs. And I do mean the faces.

  3. No Mai Tai pics? The last photo is frame worthy

  4. You're our ChiefTess, but I can tell you are his Chief, Kath!

    Wunderful post for the Hubabalo Man!

  5. Thanks all!!! The last one was taken in Colorado at the Rocky Mountain National of my favs!!! Definitely a happy time, October, the Rockies, good friends with us, taking a few hours away from the International Chief's conference....

    Too cold for Mai Tai's PA!!!

  6. buttered rum

    btw: you may have gone to college with my sister (you referenced this somewhere else???) anyhow CSSD in 74. She was in the education too?


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