Friday, September 9, 2016

Mending Kids Hometown Clinic...

If you were visiting my blog last year, you might remember my post about 
Mending Kids Hometown Clinic...
Mending Kids is an International organization that operates in much the same way as 
Doctors Without Borders...except for the fact that they specialize in working with kids!
Mending Kids sends doctors and volunteers all over the world to countries where 
healthcare is tough to get, especially for children.
Once or twice a year they hold what's called a Hometown Clinic.
The Hometown Clinic is primarily for kids who have been turned down 
by their insurance or Obama Care, for various surgical procedures.
Generally the surgeries are considered cosmetic, but are really vital to the kids self esteem.
For instance, one lovely little girl was about to enter kindergarten, and she had what is called a 
Hairy Nevis...basically a mole with hair growing out of it.
This Hairy Nevis was on the little girl's face and was about the size of a dollar coin.
Can you imagine starting kindergarten with something like that?
These doctors, nurses and volunteers gave up their time and talent to help these beautiful kids!

The ages of these kids range from very young, to teenagers.

Waiting in pre-op can be pretty daunting...
even when Lambie Pie is sitting there with you!

I don't know about you, but I think it would pretty much suck if 
I had to have surgery on my birthday!
But the people at Mending Kids did what they could to make it a happy one for this young guy!!!

Every time I see my surgery shots I'm amazed that I have been fortunate enough
to have such an amazing experience.

Contrary to how the lighting looks in my close up of the surgical procedure, 
each surgical theater is lit up bright as day.
The reason the ambient light looks so dark is because I'm focusing in on the 
procedure and there are extremely bright lights focused on the procedure.
  Shooting this clinic is the hardest photography I've ever done simply because of the crazy lighting!

The anesthesiologist monitors the vitals.

The nurses shine during post-op care!

It's amazing to watch these surgeons work!

Pretty in pink even while in surgery!!!

There is a break room where volunteers, Docs and nurses can take a break and get a bite to eat...

Our birthday boy is happy to be going home!

A comforting hug comes in all colors!

You might recognize this volunteer...Luis Guzman!

Aimee Garcia trying to cheer up waking young girl...

Luis Guzman and Keltie Knight...

Keltie Knight, Aimee Garcia and Luis Guzman preparing to go in to observe surgeries!

China McClain is learning how to make balloon animals...

Nick Simmons and Aimee Garcia emulating dad Gene Simmons famous expression
for this young guy in pre-op!

Even Dad is getting into it!!!
This dad didn't speak any English, only Mandarin.  Thank goodness for smart phones!
Using various translation apps, doctors, nurses, and volunteers were able to communicate!


Sometimes it just helps for Mom to hold your hand when they're getting ready to start...

Lambie Pie and this little sweetheart made it through the surgery with flying colors!
Lambie Pie even got a bandage!

Just some of the dedicated docs, nurses, and volunteers hamming it up for the cameras!!!

This year was a little different for me as I'm due for surgery next week!
Being able to visit and photograph these surgeries was oddly comforting.
The focus of these surgeons is remarkable.
Throughout each of the surgeries, docs and staff moved about like
they were choreographed.

I'll be taking a break from posting for a bit...
I'm getting a new knee!!!

For more images from little corners all over the on the images below!!!