Friday, April 2, 2010

A bone to pick...

Call me crazy...but do they really need all this plastic to get their products safely to market???

I have always hated those form fitting plastic packages...but lately it's really getting my goat...
About a year ago we remodeled our kitchen which completely stressed out our older sweet kitty our wonderful pet store owner, Tom, steered me to the Feliway "Comfort Zone" kitty pleasing pheromones to de-stress her...being the doting kitty parent I am...I bought the stuff...took it home...then spent about an hour trying to get the d*&#@ plastic off...when I finally got it was nicely packaged in yet another cardboard box..Now, was that really necessary??? I don't think the pheromones could escape the little glass bottle that screws into the rather expensive little thingamajig that plugs into the wall socket...but who knows...
So yesterday, I went to Staples to get some real thumbtacks...ya know...the kind that comes with a flat top in several different prime colors? Sadie, aka Osama bin Kat, likes to pull out the push pins in my bulletin board so I wanted to find some old fashioned thumbtacks...the only thumbtacks they have any more are fancy ones with little flags or hand painted designs and costs about a hundred times more than the original boxes of hundreds of thumbtacks used to...but I digress...back to the plastic...yep, the thumbtacks were in the bubble shaped, fused plastic...took 30 minutes to get those dang things out!!! So then I got a new contraption
do-hickey that helps calibrate the colors of my monitor because my pics weren't coming out particularly colorful when printed, no matter what they looked like on screen...and that little do-hickey had 3 layers of plastic form packaging...yep...within another cardboard box....that did it...that put me over the top!!!

Whew!!! I feel better...rant over...back to building a kettle of steam trying to figure out the d*&*%$# color issues!!!


  1. You said it, Sista!!
    I hope you make this rant your career in retirement.

  2. Plastic is making an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I read about it that a collection of plastic is floating in the middle of the Pacific and is huge. People don't dispose of the stuff properly, I guess. And look at all the oil that goes into making the stuff.

    I used to work in the photo labs in Japan at night in the signal corp photo lab. Back when I first started taking pictures in 1953. Now it is all digital and I love it.

  3. Remember in the movie The Graduate where the line is "Plastics." If that movie was redone today, the line might well be, "No more Plastic!"

  4. Glad you came by to visit Abe and BX2!!! I love the idea of a remake of the Graduate with Benjamin shouting above the wedding scene..."NO!!! No more plastics!!! And Abe...I was so touched by your pic on your blog of your lovely wife the other day...why am I not surprised that you worked in a photo lab!!! And in Japan no less!!!

    Cafe...I make it a point to rant periodically, but have done so on my blog!!! That's one of the things I love about canines...they love a good rant!!!

  5. It is fun to read someone else's rant that I truly want to express myself. Thank you for saying it so well! WHEW!

  6. I take my Buck knife and start slashing.

  7. This is also areal pet peeve of mine too!!! What a waste of resources all the crazy plastic and cardboard and paper... I recently ordered something from Amazon and, tho the item was small, the box was Huge!


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