Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's a Retro Spring...

I've been feeling a bit under the weather this past week and have not done any photography to speak of...sooooo...I was thinking of what I had in my archives that would make me smile and feel better...Here are some shots from a spring day a couple of years ago, at our fabulous Descanso Gardens...

Ahhhh...I'm feeling better already!!!

Hope y'all are well and enjoying the beginnings of Spring!!!


  1. Get Well Kathryn,
    These florals are great.
    I especially like the iris shots!

  2. As we see the dark clouds & rain coming here in Southern Cal, it's good to go back for a retrospective of spring now past.

  3. The colors are so vibrant! And lilacs -- my Descanso lilac is flowering for the very first time this spring. (Ok, only one flower, but that's 100% better than last year.)

    Get better, Kathy.

  4. Thank you DD!!! I'm so glad you're back again!!! Iris are favorites of grandmother and my mother both had lot's of iris in their gardens...

    I'm kind of enjoying listening to the rain and having one last fire in the fireplace...wreaks a little havoc with my less than optimal breathing today, but hey, I can handle it!!!

    AH! I'm so jealous that you have even one lilac blooming in your yard!!! I saw some lilac while walking Miss Daisy a week ago and had to stop and smell the lilac!!!

  5. Indeed. If these lovelies don't perk you up, I don't know what will.

  6. Nothing like spring and flowers to lift up mood and spirits! Gorgeous photographs and beautiful flowers! Cheers and thanks for visiting and kind words!

  7. Maybe one of your Goddesses Margaret!!!

    Thank you Lachezar!!! Your site always lifts my spirits as well...especially your last two posts...beautiful photography!!!

    Check out Lachezar's blog at

  8. Glad your own photo cure had an effect. It certainly did on me at the start of a hectic Friday. Just about to head in to the office, but I'll carry these glorious flowers with me all day. Especially the lilac - if I close my eyes I'll be able to smell it, and offset the 'parfum d'office'.

  9. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I adore Descanso, but rarely get there when the irises are doing their thing. These photos area amazing.

    Hope you are feeling in the pink!

  10. The iris at Descanso are quite spectacular every spring!!! Definitely a fun day jaunt with Little Bit!!!

    Thanks for the well wishes all...still not back to the pink...but working on it!!!

  11. These are sooooooooo beautiful. I don't know if I emphasised soooooooooooooooooooo enough.
    You are a marvellous photographer of flowers - not an easy feat because the color can be sort of illusive on pixels.
    Hope you are feeling great again.

  12. These iris' are stunning (especially the chocolate). I don't know if it's a matter of rainfall or what but my bearded iris (similar to the blue) have finally bloomed after four years of coaxing. I wish they're blooms would last forever and a day

  13. Beautiful! I had forgotten about the Descanso Gardens, so thank you for the re-introduction. Your flower photos are gorgeous... so many iris choices!

  14. Tash....Ooooooh!!! Thank yoooou!!!! You make me blush!!!

    PA...I love Iris, but I don't do well growing them...I'm not much of a gardener!

    Thank you Brenda!!!

  15. It's my first chance to see
    these gorgeous classic flowers.
    Thanks for sharing the artistic flowers !


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