Monday, April 19, 2010

The South Pas Rotary is at it again!!!

Well folks, the South Pasadena Rotary Club was at it again last Thursday was their annual pet clinic! Dogs and their humans came in droves to get caught up on the dog's vaccinations for a reasonable fee. Veterinarian services were donated by Dr. Malcolm S. Jones (Steve), past So Pas Rotarian. Dr. Steve is currently practicing in Fallbrook, CA,

The event was held in the fire department garage...don't worry So Pas residents, to create this opportunity for the K9 citizenry, the illustrious So Pas Fire Department was ever on alert, driving through the city...

The event was attended by many dogs and their humans...

Some dogs were quite pleased that this event was held especially for them...

And some dogs figured out that there was something going on in there that they might not like...

"A hug is great...but something's fishy here..."

"Yikes!!! Look at those needles!!!"


Daisy did her part...calming an anxious new friend...

"Hey!!! Who’s this guy...and what's he doing with all those needles???"

"Whew!!! Not so bad...Now what???"

"Huh? I thought I was going on a play date..."

Some got bored while waiting for their humans to finish all that paper work..."what's that about anyway? Can't a dog just be a dog???"

This senior canine had encountered this many times before and was not happy about it...

"It's over...and life is good again!!!"
(Don't you just love this ol' senior's wise face?)

"Mom...can we go now??? Huh? Can we? Please, can we???"

Some thought this was the K9 beauty pageant...

Some just wanted to get going..."there are things to do and people and canines to see out there!!!"

Some needed extra hugs...

"Hey mom! What's the hold up? Let's get out of here!!!"

"Aren't I just as cute as a button?" after the clinic, everybody was pretty hungry...

And thirsty...


Thanks to all who made this annual pet clinic a success!!!

And thanks to all the canines who allow us to be graced by their presence in our lives...


  1. Again...lots of dog pix, and not a single butt. Impressive. Really, great photos. Love the pups.

  2. I have to admit...I edited out the butt pic!!!

  3. Great captions! I oo'd and aw'd over all the dogs, but you're right, the senior stole the show.

  4. The sacrifices we K9's have to endure to keep humans as our slaves! Including preventive vaccinations against the many diseases/illnesses homo sapiens carry.

  5. This event doesn't do much for my four legged friends. I have on occasion taken the kitty kids to that pet shop on Fairoaks for vaccinations. Open the carrier door, jam a needle into their asses and were good to go. No pizza involved.

  6. Now's a pet clinic not a dog clinic!!! Kitties would be welcome...although possibly a bit dicey circumstances!!!

    Thanks AH!!! That senior was quite a special pup!!!

    And Cafe...dont'cha know I was thinking of you while posting all these beautiful K9's!!!

  7. Yes, I know what you were thinking, ChiefTess: How much I'd like to stick a needle into his rear!

  8. Hi Katryn,
    What a great DOG (event) with your story and the photo's are fantastic, I can imagine every DOG-face-and their meaning,

    Thanks!! for you sweet supportive words, for my sick dog IOS, our dog means really much to us,(like a family-member) so yes we do take good care of her.

  9. Awww, I love those pups but especially the Goldens. Smoochie smooches to all those that had to get a boo boo!

  10. The two Akitas stole my heart in this post (I think the one that's yawning is an akita and the white one...soooo darling) - I'm covering Amy's - our Golden - ears. Looks like a great social event, worth putting up with a needle poke or two.

  11. Awwww...Cafe...

    JoAnn's D Eyes...thank you so much for stopping by my best wishes for your IOS...'re going to love our Daisy!!!

    Tash...I don't think they were Akitas...I think the yawning one was a Malamute...but I'm not's definitely the typical sled dog type!! And the white one is a Samoyed...I used to live next door to a Samoyed, years ago...very sweet dogs!!!


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