Thursday, March 25, 2010

Backyard Adventures!!! faraway adventures for us for awhile...guess we'll just have to check out that wild country...the backyard!!! Sadie had to check out this planter thingamajig...

Cleo thought Sadie was just plain, droll....

So then Sadie had to check out the view from the trees...

Hey!!! Cleo!!! Let's play attack cat!!! (Sadie's nickname is Osama Bin Cat) (But don't feel sorry for Cleo...she's an instigator too!!!)

Daisy just sits back and watches...

She's happiest when we're all outside together...

Even those two goofy cats...

Life is good...


  1. Well as I live and breathe, it's Miss Popularity and friends. Ah, I wish I could have a cat, but my hounds aren't so polite.

  2. Miss Daisy well understands her ranking in the furry hierarchy...she's at the bottom!!! She won't cross a threshold if one of the cats is sitting in the doorway. When we first got her, she would walk by a chair where Cleo was sitting and Cleo would just reach out and tap her lightly on the butt...just letting her know that she's there and she's in control...

  3. despite the cats, I still love this posting!

  4. Oh hello, Miss Daisy, how nice to see you! Your pals are equally charming, despite their domineering personalities.

  5. Okay, those are the cutest critters in the world. Well, tied with mine. And with Phoebe and Albert. Oh, and I can't forget Boz...

    So we SGV blogger girls have great pets!!!

    I love Osama bin Cat. Too cute. My Mirabelle is a lover, not a fighter. (Unless Little Bit pulls her tail.) Misty and Molly tolerate her but I think Molly would eat her if given the chance. Molly has more of that shepherd instinct and protects little animals. Molly thinks they're something to chew on. (Molly's not very bright.)

    LOVE these animal pics, Chieftess. Too cute!!!

  6. I meant to say MISTY has the shepherd instinct. NOT her sister MOlly. Molly would think sheep were a chew toy.

  7. Cafe...Sadie and Cleo want you to know that they actually really do like dogs...

    Petrea...Miss Daisy says hello back!!! She wagged her tail to tell me she enjoyed meeting you too!!!

    Yep LA...don't we just all have wonderful critters!!! FYI to all of us intrepid bloggers with animals...there's a great blog for pets around the sure to check out .... (yes...all the critters above have been posted starting around Dec of last year...)

  8. Honestly. It is so hard to take good pictures of animals. We tried all summer and have nothing but dog butts to show for it.

  9. Indeed, Life is good♪

    Daisy is smiling without
    disquietingly mixed emotions.

  10. For every pic I get of these critters, I have numerous dog and cat butts that I have to sort through!!!

    The only time Daisy has mixed emotions is when one of her people is going outside to smoke a cigar and the other is going for a ride...


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