Friday, October 2, 2009

Did I hear someone say cocktails????

One dry Rob Roy on the rocks with a lemon twist...easy on the Vermouth....

And for the lady...

DD and AH...I'm afraid my delivery time via the internet is a tad slower than when I was a cocktail waitress at Springfield Wagon Works, San Diego....of course, that was a few years ago...
waitressing was a great job in college!!!


  1. Wow, I've never had a drink served so beautifully as this.
    Aaaaah, that's perfect. I chuckled to myself when I saw
    this. You've got a big tip coming your way.

    Excuse me for now, I'm going to kick back and
    enjoy this drink.

  2. I think my drink looks lovely. Have one with me.

  3. Looks very attractive! Cheers! Thanks for the visits!

  4. DD and AH...we'll join you in a virtual Jameson's on the rocks when the cocktail hour comes 'round again!!!

    Antonia: Welcome to our virtual cocktail party!!! (Be sure and check back in the 3 previous posts for a bit of background on the cocktail hour!!!)

  5. Saaaaaaay, tarbender, I III IIIIIIIIIIII th thththink mmmmmmmy glass is empty. Spalatttttttttttttttttttte.


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