Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Denver Colorado...Part 3...16th St. Mall Architecture

When I took this shot, I was approached by a security guard...he told me that his boss was watching and he had to tell me that I couldn't take pictures of the buildings...apparently I fit the profile of a dangerous potential terrorist...I had a camera and was taking pictures of the buildings...

On the one hand, I'm glad to see that they're taking security of these buildings seriously...on the other I really look so sinister that I could be a potential terrorist???

I was especially taken with the juxtaposition of the old buildings next to the new...

I happened to be photographing this building when my hubby was talking on the phone to his turned out that this building happens to be owned by Phillip Anschutz, the owner of Anschutz Entertainment Group...the company she works for!!!

This is the exterior of the Brown Palace Hotel...

and a bit of the fabulous interior of the hotel...

I loved the clouds and the fabulous blue sky next to this impressive building...

Great old buildings!!!

Again, the old and the new...

And this shot is the essence of the 16th St. Mall...a beautiful day...and a beautiful setting...

Sorry it took me so long to post this week...Yea!!! It's for a terrific reason!!! I've been setting up my anniversary gift...a new iMac!!! My first Mac...everyone I've spoken to has basically told me "...once you go Mac, you never go back!!!

Yea!!!! Thank you, darlin'!!!


  1. Nice architecture photos, what's next ... photos from space?
    These remind me of the tall tree photos from your vacation.

    I think you'll love your mac, nice one to start with too.

    Well, I've got to go and close the bar.

  2. Thanks DD!!! At this point...I need to join you at the bar!!! The setup has been a bit complicated for this brain of mine...had to get a new modem and also reconfigure how I have my office arranged!!!

  3. You pictures are so real, I feel I am there. You have a wonderful eye for interesting details and angles.
    Thank you for the post. I hope to see more.

  4. Nope...I'm a lifetime Southern about a half mile from where I grew up...I have lived elsewhere...San Diego, Long Beach...but gave all that up to marry my darlin' hubby, almost 7 years ago!!!

  5. Wow, when will things ever get back to being less tense? Sad day when you can't take a simple photo.

  6. Hi Michelle, and welcome!!! Just last night I read an article on one of my favorite photography websites that was titled "I'm a Photographer, not a Terrorist!" ( author was from the UK and had experienced several instances of being stopped by "authorities" telling her she can't take a public of which was the baptism of her child!!! That floored me! At any rate... this tends to be an issue of the private security genre, not the police/ "official" authorities...unless of course, you're photographing a military installation or top security setting....

  7. I've never been to Denver, so it was fun to look at these. You watch yourself. We don't want to increase the National Security color thing just because of you and your camera

  8. I'm pretty sure you can take a picture of any building, including any house, provided you're standing on public property. Some bloggers carry a copy of the law to hand out to private security guards when the need arises. I love your photos of old and new, although the old almost always wins my prize.

  9. Thanks I'm on the watch list for homeland security for suspicious photograhy and fruit flies (that's a whole other story!)

    You're right AH...and the article I read on the Digital Photography School website also mentioned carrying a copy of the legal rights of's on my to do list!!!

    I prefer the old too!! One of my criteria for picking places to stay when traveling in places like Ireland, Europe,'s gotta be least a couple of hundred years old!!!

  10. You can take a photo of a building from a public place, but you can also expect security or the police to check you out. They do have the right to remove you from their property, but the street or sidewalk is legal. They also have the right to make sure you're not a terroist gathering intelligence for a future attack.

  11. Welcome Anonymous! You're absolutely right! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Given the comments above...I do believe I was actually on the property of the building at the time of the security guard bust...they had a courtyard in front of the building, I went up to the fountain in the courtyard to get the best angle of the buildings...the security guard was cool though...he knew he was busting me for no real reason and apologized...fortunately, I had gotten all the pics I had wanted to get so it wasn't much of an issue!!!

  13. I'm curious DD...if you as a painter might actually face the same scrutiny if you were to paint the building from the same vantage point???

  14. Great. I always enjoy looking at architecture.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  15. Beautiful, Kathy! The first one is my favorite - I love the mirror image of the adjoining building.

    (Paranoia such as you described reminds me very much of what I've read about the atmosphere of NAZI Germany. Sad.)

  16. Thanks J Bar!!! Glad you could join me on my journey all the way from Sydney!!! One of these days intend to get to your beautiful country!!!

    Thanks Anonymous! Fortunately, the security guard was far from a Nazi guard...he was quite friendly and apologetic...obviously operating on directives from up above him!!!


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