Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to the "Big House"...did I hear someone say cocktails???

On the way back to the "Big House" from our afternoon at the bridge...

One end of our favorite porch...perfect for games, chit-chat, drying wet shoes and t-shirts...and did I say cocktails???

The other end of our favorite porch...perfect spot for afternoon reading, chit-chat, slumber, watching the trees grow...and did I say cocktails???

Yep...this is the "Big House"!!!!

Love this picture does it justice...everytime I round the bend of the switchback where the house comes into view, I am stunned by the beauty of this place...and my good fortune to be able to visit here each year and make it our home away from home, even for a short period of time...

Okay...time to go in...

Anyone ready for the Name Game???

Hmmmmm....who's got dinner duty tonight???

Aside from our newly remodeled kitchen at home, this is by far my favorite kitchen!!!

Love this fireplace...especially with a roaring fire in it!!!

One of our favorite spots to hang out, play games, chit-chat, slumber....did I say cocktails???

Leaving is always bittersweet...and I often think of how beautiful it would be to live here...

Hmmmm....the trees, the animals, the quiet, lot's and lot's of picturesque winter snow...

no central heat, water from the mountain, electricity dependent on the flow of water, no snow plows, mountain closed by the US Forestry Service, no stores...

Hmmmm....maybe going home each year is a good thing!!! Love my comfy bed!!!
And love returning every year to watch the trees grow...


  1. Wow, what a place. What a wonderful spot to have a family gathering.

    Yes, I think I heard you say Cocktails.
    I'll have a Dry Rob Roy, on the rocks with a twist. Go easy on the dry Vermouth.
    Thanks for the tour.

  2. DD: I laughed out loud when I saw your order for a dry Rob Roy!!! I think you'd fit in!!! Have you ever played the Name the way, there's always a bit of alcohol involved!!!

    And's a perfect spot for a family gathering...and next year we're planning a gathering with friends from high school days...

  3. Hey, what's the hold up on that drink?
    I'm parched.

  4. Oh, sorry D. Thought that was mine.

    That's so beautiful. Did the original owners live here all year long?


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