Friday, October 16, 2009

Colorado...part two!!!

Our friends told us we'd love the Rocky Mountains National Park because it was so beautiful, and because there were herds of Elk near the road...
This is the first glimpse of one so close we could have walked up and touched it...

Fabulous vistas....

We saw this elk from the road...went about 100 yds past it. My hubby and I hiked back to where it was (he's a great elk guide) and he pointed me in the right direction. I snuck up on this one while he was nibbling on the grass...safely behind a stand of trees I might add! And by the way...this was taken with an 18/70 telephoto...I was literally about 20 feet from this magnificent creature...

I tossed a pinecone...
He saw me...but could've cared long as all I had was a camera....

On our way back down the mountains to Denver, we were looking for some elk that we had seen on the way up, on the golf course. All of a sudden, one of us yelled and we practically skidded to a stop when we saw the elk on the lawn of one of the houses across the street from the golf course!!! Those darn elk just don't stay put for very long!!!!

Again, we could have reached out and touched them...and I'm not so sure they would have minded!!!

Check back next time for the architecture of Denver's 16th street mall...

Sorry about the annoying white strips above and below each picture...I decided to try watermarking the photos (with Adobe Lightroom) and had to do it in JPEG print any rate, for some reason when I uploaded the pics, those pesky strips showed up...


  1. Beautiful shots of the rockies.
    Obviously a pretty good Elk stalker as well.
    From cocktail party to Nature Photographer.
    What versatility.

    Really, these are gorgeous shots.

  2. Thanks DD...and balance is the key!!!

  3. I love these photos! Elk look so elegant in repose, but sort of like two separate animals when in motion -- two animals who are in mild disagreement as to speed and direction.

  4. I spent a good chunk of childhood in Montana, and this landscape reminds me so much of that. It's so lush and green. Definitely NOT So. Calif. Beautiful.

  5. AH...thanks!!! It was absolutely awesome to walk up to the stand of trees and see this exquisite creature so up close and personal!

    Margaret...Welcome!!! Glad you came along and joined my journey!!! We went to Montana 2 years ago...gorgeous country...we were on a cattle ranch outside of Dillon...big blue skies and the Tobacco Mountains were the backdrop for one of the most fun weddings ever!!!

  6. Fabulous images! The mountain views are gorgeous and the Elk magnificent! Cheers and thanks for the visit and kind comment!

  7. Thanks Lachezar!!! So glad you stopped by!!!
    I think we have a tendency to forget just how beautiful our own country is...until we venture out to nature in our national parks!!!

  8. I'm late to the party on this post. Wow, what gorgeous shots!!! These are just grand, Chieftess.

  9. Thank you Laurie!!! Very high praise indeed coming from such a fab photographer such as yourself!!!


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