Friday, September 28, 2018

A Weekend at the Albion River Inn...

Mendocino is a really lovely area of California to visit.
And the Albion River Inn is one of my very favorite places to stay!
Each room has a deck in back, overlooking this spectacular view.

Pretty awesome visit...
sitting on the deck overlooking where the river meets the ocean...
catching up with friends Steve and Sharron...

 Drinking a bit of wine....

...well...maybe a little more than a bit...

...and enjoying the sunsets!

Next post you'll see how we spent our day!!!

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  1. very beautiful place
    and very nice pictures
    my favorite was the wine glass on the rack

  2. Beautiful sunset pics! That's where I'd want to be too, on a scenic overlook at sunset drinking a glass of wine.

    1. Not much else works as well to soothe the savage beast within!!!

  3. Really lovely. I look forward to finding out how you amused yourselves when the sun was up!


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