Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our Little Corner of the World...Visiting Sydney, Australia, Day 3!

The next day we took the "Hop on Hop off" bus around Sydney...
to see what we couldn't see from the boat!

I have to admit I have a certain fascination with interesting architecture, reflections, and clouds!

Now this is one type of building I've not seen before!
Not sure how they did this...but the building was growing plants all up the sides of it!!!

I think the Aussies have seen and have been fascinated by the Hollywood Capitol building!!!
Check out the similarities here..

I was intrigued by the juxtaposition of the two buildings, and what I think was a bridge...

On a mission!  
Ramona and Pat in the photo, and TheChief and I were on a mission to find
Kerrigans Barbecue...
recommended by a friend as the best barbecue in Australia.

Along the way I saw this and loved the lines!

We thought we were on our way to a good restaurant...
with relaxed dining...good beer or wine...and great food.
...we found it!
Only no indoor dining at this one!  A barbecue food truck!
Beer and wine available inside at the bar of the hotel where the truck is parked!
Delightful outdoor dining over looking the water...
...and great food!

On our way back to the "Hop on Hop off" bus we saw... guessed it...view #9 of the bridge!!!

I just can't get enough of these buildings, reflections, and clouds!

The Motley crew...
Pat, Ramona, TheChief, TheChieftess, Michele and Dick!
Since Pat, Ramona, Michele and Dick weren't with us for our "Hop on Hop off" boat tour...
...we decided to do it again!!!

Now this is something I wasn't expecting to see!
Several people rappelling down the fins of the Sydney Opera House!
Don't know if they were cleaning it, or had special privileges to do this...
...but how cool is this???

TheChief and I hanging out by one of the canons on Fort Dennison Island in the harbour.

Today's primary stop was Manly Beach...first we had find the perfect spot for lunch!

Pretty nice view from our lunch spot!

Then a walk on the beach!
And on to... guessed it!  Watson's Bay!!!
TheChief happens to be the one who made me a Watson!!!

A cocktail or two at this harbour side bar...

...watching the sunset over the boats moored in the bay.

And the last sunset shot on our way back to Darling Harbour, and our hotel!

For more images of other Little Corners of the World...


  1. The Aussie's (and I) do love their 'funky' architecture. Another fabulous trip for you guys!!

  2. Wonderful shots, especially the view of the Opera House. Those must be cleaners.

    1. I thought they were cleaners too...Thanks William!

  3. Great shots in this bunch! But rappelling down the Opera House has to be the most unusual one!

  4. Such a gorgeous series of shots!

  5. Fantastic photos! I'm not usually a fan of modern architecture, but if it's interesting like most of these, I like it. You are really living the life! Enjoy...

  6. Not too bad a place I suppose - but wait 'till you see Melbourne!

    Saw a Youth Hostel on the way down from a walk today and it looked straight out on to the Eiger - I wondered if it was yours!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Grindelwald, Switzerland


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