Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Little Corner of the Australia...Day 4

Our time in Sydney had come to a close and we're ready to board
Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas!!!

On board...we're seeing things from a different angle!

Checking out the skyline from the top deck...

...and of course...checking out our new digs!!!

We claimed our spot at the top deck bar... lampshades on our heads...but a couple of light fixtures sticking up out of our hats!!!

And now for my coups de grace...
my night shots from the deck...
Sydney harbour skyline from the upper deck...

The classic shot of the Sydney Opera House...from a slightly higher angle!

Sydney Harbour Bridge from the deck as we're on our way out of the harbour.

...see those tiny specks of light on the top of the bridge...those are people!
Crazy people climbing the bridge at night!

The Sydney skyline as we cruise by...

...and of course...
the Sydney Opera House...front and center!

Goodby Sydney!!!

Next stop...Brisbane!

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  1. Wow, looks like a fun cruise. You took some spectacular photos!!

  2. Wow...Gorgeous clicks.Have a nice day.

  3. Great set of images, especially the night pics! You found some very interesting perspectives of the sky line shot from the top deck. Kudos!

    1. Sorry I can't comment on your blog Stanley...I'm not a member of Google+

  4. Those night photos are just amazing! Have fun!

  5. I am! Great Sydney harbor cruise and great shots!

  6. Those night shots are wowowowowow! But there's something endearing about light fixtures on your heads.

  7. Wow, gorgeous night shots, Kathryn! Looks like you are all having a fab time - ENJOY!

  8. What fantastic cityscapes! Gorgeous! I've always wanted to go to Australia.

  9. It looks like you guys really had a great time. All of these photos are fantastic, the night time photos are amazing!

  10. These are fantastic shots during your cruise. Yes, the perspective from a ship is delightfully different.

  11. Hi Kath I've just been all the way back to the beginning of your Sydney visit.. faaabulous shots. My son and his family live in Sydney so it's almost like a second home to us now, it's always fascinating to see a place you know so well through a visitors eyes. I don't suppose your ship calls in at Fremantle does it?


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