Monday, February 22, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...The Last Bits of our Glorious Visit in Budapest!

Wrapping up the little details of our trip...

TheChief thought he'd compare cop bellies...
Too many doughnuts???

If your motor bike needs a paint job-skip the paint and decopage it!!!

Our first night in Budapest, we asked the concierge of the hotel where 
we could get a good dinner, with local food... 
...she pointed us down the road, not far from the hotel...
....we walked...
...and boy, was it delightful!!!

We had local wine...
(I dare you to pronounce this one!)

 ...and absolutely yummy food!!!
I had Hungarian stuffed cabbage rolls...or Töltött Káposzta...
Very much like how my mother used to make them!!!  And no, she wasn't Hungarian,
she was Swiss. but she was a great cook! 
I haven't tried this recipe, but it looks similar to my mom's and the restaurant's!!!

 This was our view as we walked back to the hotel!
St. Mathias all lit up!

I have a feeling, when someone writes a fairy tale...
they envision Budapest!!!

Not bad for a cell phone, eh???
That's the Fisherman's Bastion again!

For our last night in Budapest, we went all out!
We headed over to the Fisherman's Bastion, climbed some stairs...and voila!
A superbly elegant dining room in the tower, over looking the Danube...
with delicious gourmet food!

Another walk home, past St. Mathias...
...I just couldn't get enough of this gorgeous church!!!

Well...that wraps up our final days in Budapest!

If you're interested in this Grand European Tour for yourself....
...we went with Viking River Cruises, Grand European Tour.
Our ship was the Viking Embla.
We started in Amsterdam and ended in Budapest.
We added time in both Amsterdam and Budapest.
And I'll give you a tip...we registered for tickets a year and a half in advance... we got a two for one price!

I absolutely recommend ending the cruise in Budapest as you don't want to miss
that first sight of this beautiful city all lit up!!!

To visit more little corners of the on the image below...


  1. A gorgeous city. That motorbike needs some work!

  2. What lovely shots! I really must put Budapest on my to-visit list.

  3. So happy that you enjoyed Budapest, one of my favourite cities. So much history and I just love the food!

  4. Looks like a city waiting for a visit.

  5. I love old world architecture, but you had me at the old bike - it's great!

    1. Ha! You made me laugh!!! Thinking about decopaging yours???

  6. kjempe flott , takk for sightseeing :-)

  7. Such a beautiful city. I see the two for one sales on Viking all the time (I get the brochures). I would love to do one of their cruises.

  8. You sure did take an amazing trip and it sounds like you really enjoyed it.
    Thanks for the photo tour of a place, I'll likely never see in person.
    You took a ton of great photos also!


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