Monday, February 15, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...Even More Beautiful Architecture in Budapest!!!

Just when you think you've seen all the beauty there can be
 in beautiful Budapest...

On our last day we headed to St. Stephen's Basilica...

Pretty much like all the cathedral's in Europe...

...until you step inside!!!

Ooooh's  and ahhhhh's start as soon as you walk in the door...

The detail is exquisite!!!

While there, we heard notes played on the organ one at a time...and for extended time...
I think they were tuning the organ!!!

There's a story behind the holy right hand of St. Stephen...

To summarize, King Stephen was the first Hungarian King, 1000-1038.
While he actually became King in 997, 
he was presented with a royal crown by Pope Sylvester II
establishing Hungary as a Christian nation.
When he died he was buried in a sarcophagus.
The body was removed and reburied later in an underground catacomb out of fear
that the grave would be disturbed. 
At the time of the reburial, the right hand of King Stephan was removed as it was alleged
to have miraculous properties.
It was taken to the treasury of the basilica, then stolen by the guard.
He hid the hand on his estate in what is now Romania.
The hand was discovered during the reign of King Laszlo.
He forgave the thief and erected a monastery on the spot where it was found.
After the 15th Century the Right Hand was removed and returned.
During the Turkish occupation it was held by Dominican Friars.
Later, the hand was purchased by Queen Maria Theresa for her subjects.
Of course...that's just one story...
...there seem to be a few variations.

Yep...there is a hand in this display case...
...and it is just about 1000 years old.

It's hard to see with all the reflections...but then again...
I wasn't really sure I wanted to see it all that clearly!!!

He died in 1038, and was canonized in 1083.

This truly is an amazingly beautiful church.

Every inch is stunning in it's detail.

Whether or not St. Stephan's hand rests in the basilica...
...and whether or not it has miraculous properties...
...this church is pretty darned close to miraculous!!!

To visit more little corners of the on the image below!


  1. Må være en flott by. Stå på min ønskeliste , takk for visning Kathryn :-)

  2. I think one could consume an entire vacation just inside this Basilica, there are not words great enough to describe the beauty.

  3. I can't think of anything to add except WOW.

  4. I could spend a day just taking it all in. Amazing sights and amazing photos!

  5. What a stunning building! The stained glass alone is fantastic!


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