Monday, February 8, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...More Touring of Budapest!!!

Another day of touring Budapest!!!

This gorgeous building is the Hungarian Parliament building...
also one of the beautifully lit buildings I shot as we sailed into Budapest the first night!

Instead of the beach...hanging out on the sides of the Danube!!!

Tri-color Olympic rings at the opening of Olimpia Park...

...led to some clowning around...

...Art and Linda are getting ready for some Olympics!!!

Just look at the detail under this bridge!!!
There is beauty in every nook and cranny in this stunning city!!!

This spot is a little more challenging to get to than the the steps above!

Margaret Island is a lovely spot for a quiet afternoon...
watching the dancing waters!!!

I couldn't resist photographing this precious little sweetie!!!

Under the bridge! 

Just look at the details in this building!

And then there's this one!  Glittering where the light hits its...
it looked like gold leaf!

Heading back to our hotel in the Buda hills, we took the funicular!!!
It was quite a ride with quite a view!

Right outside the funicular door we found Cleo's twin!!!


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  1. What a lovely documentation of your trip. I love the cat photos. I too try to capture cats when I travel.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  2. Sweet kitty!

    I've seen shots of the Parliament before, but not from that angle. Beautiful place to wander about!

  3. What lovely photographs of this city! The architecture is awesome as are the other scenes that you shot.

  4. Gorgeous shots of the buildings and I loved the 'clowning around' shots too.

  5. Found you! Great to see you pop up on my Coventry blog. Of course, I will miss your adventures in Mammoth Lakes but what you have done here looks super!! Back soon :).

  6. flott å oppleve dine tur opplevelser Kathryn :-)

  7. wat is dit mooi ,zoveel prachtige fijne details,.

  8. Gorgeous Photos Kathryn! Where we live seems so dull when compared to this place.

  9. Fantastic architecture! The parliament building is extremely impressive!

    1. Gorgeous architecture everywhere we went in Budapest Brian!!!


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