Sunday, March 6, 2011

From Turkey, back to Greece...

Rhodes, Greece

We found a charming little beach....

Which I think the guys thought was even more charming when we realized it truly was in the style of the European beach...

We found a spot under the grapevines...

With a couple of darling little pups...

...hungry for attention!

These rocks were a destination point for the swimmers of the group...

Maddie and Sean...ready to take the plunge!!!

Such a charming little spot to sit under the grapevines, sip a cold drink, and watch the people go by...

Looking out over the beach to the rock....

Heading out...searching for the next great beach!!!


  1. You traded in Glendale & SoPasa for this???? ;)

  2. No Cafe!!! A temporary trade off...the real trade off was for Mammoth!!!

  3. What a lovely little beach... so gorgeous!

  4. A dream stop. I'd love to see Rhodes, especially with puppies.

  5. LadyFi...It was a charming spot to sit and chat and watch the action on the beach!!!

    Petrea...we met a woman there who is a teacher on the US East Coast and who spends her summers in living in Rhodes...she said she goes there to "get healthy" (we were talking about the difference between true Greek yogurt and the stuff you find in American grocery stores)

  6. Excellent series of photos of this unique paradise. Greetings.

  7. looks like the rocks are giving shelter to the lagoon. Over at our Sunday stills meme, we are doing canines. Looks like you like dogs too.

    Thanks for visiting.

  8. My favorite image is the grapes, YUuuuummmmmmmmy! I can almost feel the air and smell them. I can feel myself looking up, wondering how I'll reach them to filch a few. Nice capture


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