Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Island that Blew it's Top Off!!!

Geologically, Santorini can be explained by saying it was once a volcanic cone that blew it's top off...
no...really...according to Wikepedia...that's how Santorini became what it is today!

The port for Santorini is actually located in a large lagoon, surrounded by high cliffs...
In order to get to the island, the ship docks out in the center of the lagoon and the passengers are taken to shore on ship tenders...

A bit crowded...a bit stuffy...glad it was a calm sea!!!

Passing by another tender, and an interesting ship in the harbor...

Landing at the dock...

Now...we have a decision to make...walk up the stairs to the top of the cliff or ride the gondola????


  1. What a beautiful and interesting place, loved the photos. I also wanted to thank you for the comments on my Goldie Girl.

  2. Thank you was wonderful trip! And thanks for coming by and commenting!!!

  3. Beautiful. You got the good weather, too. Can't wait to see which you chose.

  4. Loved the ride! Your pics are fabulous!
    Thanks for visiting my place and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a nice week****

  5. Thanks Petrea!!! The mystery will be solved this week!!!

    Thank you Cildemer!!! Glad to have you visit and comment as well!!!

  6. Santorini looks like a magical place. Now I want to go there too!


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