Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yay!!! Photo connections reconnected!!!

It's a temporary fix, but I can finally post again!!!   Sometimes, for whatever reason, the original photo file gets disconnected to the files in Lightroom...and for some reason, this time, I couldn't find the original files...I ended up importing the originals again from my memory card....and voila!!!  
Unfortunately this also means I've got duplicates upon duplicates upon duplicates in Lightroom!!!  
At any rate...continuing on in Ephesus, Turkey...
After the ruins, we went into a small museum of antiquity, not far from the ruins...

No...those aren't fruit hanging at her breast...
After all, she's a goddess of fertility!!!

A delightful patio off the patio at the restaurant of one of their five star hotels where we had the best lunch!!!  Very authentic food...delightful lunch...fabulous vistas...I'd love to go back to stay whenever in Turkey again...

Our ship from the hotel gardens...

Wouldn't you just love to sit here in the afternoon, sipping a cup of tea...or better yet, a glass of crisp, pinot grigio or chardonnay???

Gorgeous views!!!

Then on to the tail end of our excursion...the turkish rug shop...

The demonstration began with this young lady showing the intricacies of weaving a turkish rug...

Ohhhhh, Ahhhh....just feel the silk on silk texture of this exquisite rug...
(glad I'd had a pedicure!)

The gentleman who spoke to us about the rugs explained the designs, the weave, the materials...all the while his helpers came out and flipped the rugs to place on the floor, one on top of the other until the stack was almost a foot deep...all sizes...large living room size to small entry hall size.
We saw many gorgeous rugs...
We were on this excursion with dear friends, who we know well...and...well, to make a long story short...we all were the last to leave...they bought two rugs and we bought one...
Little did we know, the reason they bid on two rugs was because he thought I really liked the smaller one (which I did) and so he was going to get the price down by buying two, and then he thought we'd buy the small one from him...the only problem was we didn't know the drill!!!
So while he was paying for his two, we were bidding on the one we bought!!!
It was a good (and expensive!) laugh and will be a great story anytime we look back on this trip...
(They love their rugs and are very happy with their purchase, as are we!!!)

A side street off the main market area near the ship's dock...

Leave it to the Chief and I to find an Irish pub in Turkey!!!
(we didn't go in though, as it was time to board...)

Thanks for joining us again!!!  
I'm planning on posting again in about a week...if Lightroom and my computer continue to cooperate!!!


  1. Welcome Back, but I have the trademark on your Photographic Journey, btw, ChiefTess. But if you send me $100 I'll transfer it over to you.

  2. This looks like a wonderful trip! Love the architecture and that blue water.

  3. Beautiful photos as always.

    But, I'm confused ... are you on this
    trip or are you snowed in.
    Nice to see the new photo's.

  4. Welcome T.Becque!!! Thanks for visiting!

    Hi DD!!!...this is the trip we took in July...I'd been posting a different port every few weeks, and then my Lightroom flaked out on me and I lost the connection from the original file to Lightroom and couldn't figure out where the originals were. So I haven't posted for awhile...Right now, I'm looking out on my deck at the wind in the trees and at it blowing the snow on the mountains... come visit my Mammoth blog at ...

  5. I just love looking at your photos, every time! And I am so jealous of what looks to have been a fabulous trip!! Hugs to you both...


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