Sunday, December 19, 2010

Next Stop...Ephesus, Turkey!!!

We actually started in Kusadasi, Turkey, on the Aegean coast.  Our tour destination was Ephesus, an ancient Greek city, turned Roman, turned Turkish...When Roman, it was one the next largest city to Rome.  In the first Century BC, it had a population of approximately 250,000 and was the second largest city in the world.
It is surmised that the Book of John in the Bible was written here and is known to be the site of a large
gladiator graveyard.  
When we got off the buses and entered the site, our first shopping opportunity was probably my favorite!!!

This is what I call honesty in advertising!!!

What is particularly amazing about this archeological find, is that it was completely buried at the base of a mountain until British engineer J.T.Wood began archeological excavations in the late 1800's.  

The Curetes Street is one of the main streets in ancient Ephesus...we're walking on a street that was teeming with commerce and traffic around the first Century BC...yep, 2000 year old many of our currently constructed highways will last that long??? 

The Hadrian Temple...

Check out the patterns in the walkway...

I think he likes his job!!!

Archaeological work in the Terrace Houses...
Very similar to our concept of condos...LARGE houses complete with indoor toilets, sewage lines, rudimentary heating and air conditioning systems, indoor pools...

Much of the patterns in floors and walls have been restored...a fascinating process, but can't remember it well enough to describe...needless to say, it is absolutely incredible that they have been able to uncover these ruins in such incredible detail and good condition.  

This is the Library...once able to house 12,000 scrolls and was the third largest library?
Also, if you look at the structure of the facade, you would believe that the library was two actuality, the interior was three stories!
Another interesting side story...the library was connected by underground tunnels to the brothel across the street...that way gentlemen could tell their wives that they were going to the library...go, then cross the street for a bit more active exploration...without lying!!!

The Gate of Mazeus and to the side of the library.

The stadium...built in the Hellenistic Age...initially used for ceremonies and sports activities.
When it was under Roman control, the activities expanded to include gladiator and wild animal fights, as well as for the persecution of Christians.

And of course, they had to have the standard cheesy reenactment show!!!

*Some interesting facts about Ephesus:

*Slaves used to sit on the toilets for their owners to warm the seats...
*Just outside of Ephesus is where the Virgin Mary lived for her last years...
*Ephesus was the site of one of the seven churches of the Book of Revelation...
*The stadium in Ephesus could seat 24,000...
*Romans knew the true shape of the world as far back as the 1st Century AD...
*Ephesus was originally a seaport, but is now six miles from the sea...



  1. Really, really interesting post, Kathy. I want to go! What a place. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it was crowded.

  2. It was hot and crowded Petrea...but well worth it!!!

    Aw Cafe...retirement is a blessing!!! For me...the pictures were all the souvenirs I wanted !!! They had plenty of booths with plenty of stuff to choose from if the genuine fake watch is not up your alley...Actually, we did come back with a Turkish rug...and a really funny story about how we ended up with it!!! (Sorry...a bit too long for the blog!!!)

  3. Happy Seasonal holidays.

    Your photographs brought back memories for me, and you photographed the spot where my husband tripped - the library.

    Kind wishes.

  4. thank you Mangocheeks!!! (love your nomiker!) Easy to trip at the library!!! It's a wonderful place to visit isn't it?!!!

  5. That top photo really made me SMILE!:)
    I have been on a day trip to Ephesus from the greek island Samos.
    Hope you have and have had a wonderful holiday!


  6. What an incredible trip and wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing this trip.. Divine architecture.. Carla

  7. hee hee... "Genuine Fake Watches". That reminds «Louis» of an ad for Grapette soda years ago touting it's "real imitation grape taste'...

  8. That advertising sign is hilarious!

    Love all your architectural photos - they're stunning!

  9. Have you retired this blog, Mis, uh Chieftess??

  10. No Cafe...just a bit slower getting posts up...I'm struggling with the amount of time needed for both blogs...and trying to get other projects done in between all the changes in our lives and the house guests checking up on us!!!

  11. In addition Cafe...the photo files of the pics have somehow disconnected from the thumbnails in my processing program...and I can't figure out how to restore the connection...I do an external back up, but it wasn't up and running when I downloaded the photos as we had just moved...fortunately, I keep all my memory cards and am planning to re do my files, just haven't gotten to them yet...soon!!! I'll let you know when I'm back on track!!!

  12. Wow! Would love to visit that place!
    Would buy a watch there too;o)
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous shots;o)

    Hope you're having a happy week****

  13. WOW, what a great trip! Fantastic photos!

  14. Thank you so much Cldemer, Costea, and eleeninmd!!! I've been a bit delinquent posting on this one but am working on a new post today!!! Please do come back and visit again!!!


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