Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mykonos...what a great day!!!

Our first stop in Mykonos was the ATV rental shop...

The Hubman and I managed to fit on one!!!  

Hmmmm....trying to decide which beach to go to first....

Oh! Oh!!!  Look at this really charming little hotel...I want to stay here when we come back!!!   Just a short walk up the hill from that beautiful beach...

The requisite white buildings with blue doors...can't go to Greece and not take photos of this!!!

Sneakin' a peak!!!

The beach we settled on...

Art and Ricky showing off!!!

Beautiful beach, beautiful setting, beautiful people having fun, cooling off in the water...

Our intrepid vehicles of the day...

There's nothing more charming and relaxing than a little spot on the beach, with white tables and chairs and a palm frond covering...sitting and talking with good friends, eating a bite or two of the fabulous calamari, maybe drinking a beer or two...


  1. Mykonos, Greece?
    I gotta share this with a Vegas friend of mine. She was vacationing there a few months ago.

    "First" stop?? Wow...I'll be happy if I have time just to visit once, LoL!!

  2. Greece is wonderful...and not all that expensive these days...I used to have a neighbor who went every year and rented a house on Santorini...he told me it was relatively inexpensive as he shared the house with other traveler friends...And then there's Visa mileage...we don't spend without it!!!

  3. I agree, it does look like heaven. Especially to be so free and just choose a hotel in passing, based on liking the look of it.

  4. I love, love, love Greece!!! We met an American woman at one of the beachfront cafes who lives in Greece for 3 months every year. She's a teacher and goes there every year to "get healthy".

  5. I love all those kinds of blue! and what a light!
    Thank you to have joined my followers, and welcome! :)

  6. Just beautiful, and looks like so much fun!

  7. oh this looks such a beautiful place, I am so envious of the gorgeous location and the sunshine and it does look like heaven, such great shots.

  8. It is Heaven Justine!!! We had a wonderful time...and would love to go back for a longer visit!!! Welcome Malyss and Lisa!!!

  9. The only Santorini I've visited is in Pasadena: Cafe Santorini.


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