Monday, November 29, 2010

Mykonos...Paradise Beach

Our next stop was Paradise Beach...


 Hmmm...I think this means tops are optional...what do you think???

Do you have houses for your pigeons???

Entering the beach area...

The beach side cafe...

Ohhhh!!!  Real Greek Moussaka!!!

A tasty gyros...

Oooops!!!  How'd she get in here???

There are no prettier beaches than the Greek Islands!!!

Need a nap?  Here's a nice little spot to relax in... you might ask...what does this old abandoned bus have to do with Paradise Beach other than advertising???

Absolutely nothing!!!  This is especially for Bailey...mascot of the LA Kings Ice Hockey team!!!


  1. I want to be there!!!
    Great shots! So making me miss summer.

  2. It seems that the charms of greek islands have
    many faces and sides...:)
    It's like the way I imagined it from movies or photos-books, white houses,soooo blue water and perfect sky!

  3. i am visiting via my sister's blog - miracle sisters - we just got back from greece ourselves so it's fun to re-live our trip thru your wonderful fotos!!

  4. Wonderful series, I really like the framing, all very beautiful.

  5. Tops were optional and no, Petrea, The Chieftess did not go topless.


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