Friday, November 5, 2010

Ancient Athens...

When I realized one of our stops in the Mediterranean would be Athens, I immediately thought of the Acropolis.  I had visions of photographs that would rival the pictures taken with Yanni or John Tesh back when New Age music was all the know,  the kind where the sun's setting behind the Acropolis...

Well, I did manage a bit of back lighting...we got there early in the morning...which is a good thing, because the weather forecast was for hot, hot, hot...
But what's that lacy stuff behind those stately columns???
Apparently, the Acropolis has been undergoing restoration since 1975.  The restoration project was designed to reverse damage from years of pollution, neglect, wars, and poorly done past restorations. 

When I saw all the scaffolding, and yes, cranes...I thought of Wayne at Meandering in Lotus Land...
Wayne...this post is dedicated to you!!!  

Looking out at the city of Athens, I was amazed at the high density of the urban sprawl... 

I still managed to get a few shots without the scaffolding...
and some with cranes...


  1. these are all lovely shots! wow Athens looks beautiful, thankyou for sharing.

  2. I am so enjoying following you on this journey!
    Wonderful shots!

  3. Never been to Greece, though understand I'm missing one of life's great pleasures. Just heard on NPR that Venice (which I do know) is undergoing major renovations. Apparently Staples, etc., are helping foot the bill. Really.

    Here's a picture:

  4. Still an amazing place, scaffolding or no. I'd love to visit.

    Hiker, that's a little creepy. But if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. Venice is worth saving.

    When we were in France it was clear Versailles is also in need. These things are great treasures and we should do what has to be done.

  5. thank you Justine!!! All of Greece is beautiful!!! The Athens antiquities are spectacular and well worth a visit!!!

    Thank you Lisa! I'm so glad that you're joining me!!!

    Hiker...I went to the site you included and was amazed!!! They were doing renovations in Florence and Rome as well, but the scaffolding was covered with similar netting, except that it was painted to exactly match what it was from a distance, it gave the illusion of the real thing...that bold advertising is awful...and the companies that are doing it, should be ashamed!!!

    I agree Petrea...our modern civilization takes it's toll on the wonderful treasures of old and we need to do what we can to save them for the future generations...but all that advertising??? They should be ashamed!!!

  6. I get your point, Chieftess. I would respect (and patronize) the company that donated the scaffolding. As it is, I'm put off by Staples for this.

  7. Wow, I"m famous. Thanks Kathy

    On any visit I've ever made to Europe at least one architectural icon was completely or partially obscured by scaffolding.

  8. In Florence I thought it was really cool that they made the effort camouflage the renovation...I understand the concept behind Staples doing that...I just think it's uncool!!!

    Famous? Or infamous, Wayne?!!! Truly, whenever I saw a crane or scaffolding over there, I thought of you!!!

  9. You never really think of the urban sprawl when conjuring up the Acropolis in your mind. Wonderful shots!

  10. Thank you Costea and I'm so glad you visited!!!

    I agree Lady Fi!!! I was really surprised that the concept of urban sprawl was a reality there...I always envisioned Greece as a quite open space with a few well placed homes and buildings!!!

  11. Ancient Greek scaffolding - well, well!
    Urban sprawl is terrifying, and all the more so when viewed from a historic site from a time when we hadn't encased the world in concrete.

  12. Yes was quite a juxtaposition of the ancient to the modern lifestyle!!!

    Thanks Gerald!!!


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