Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Vatican...

If you ever go to Rome, a must-see is the Vatican.  St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel to be exact.  Our hotel, the Atlante Star, was within walking distance.  As a matter of fact, we could see the Vatican from the dining room where we had our delightful breakfasts, and an elegant, delicious, (and expensive) dinner!!!   All around the Vatican are "hawkers" trying to get you to buy one of their tours.  When we found out that you bypassed the long lines trailing alongside the wall of the Vatican, we decided to spend the extra for a private group tour.  We really lucked out...our tour guide was fabulous!  Excellent English and an artist in her own right...she also was mindful of the heat and crowds when and where she grouped us so that she could give us her spiel.
We started out in the Vatican museum...

You have to keep your eyes peeled, look up, look down, look all around...because every inch of space is fascinating and oh, so beautiful...

The blue tile in the floor is done with Lapis Lazuli...very hard to come by in the days that this was built.  It was considered royal...

On the way to the Sistene Chapel...but alas, no cameras allowed in the Chapel...no talking either...funny thing though, we were about the only ones who felt it appropriate to show respect for their rules...
This again is another example of my thinking that the closer to off season you travel to Rome the better.  It was incredibly crowded in the museum and the Chapel...literally wall to wall people.  Never the less, it should be on everyone's bucket list...it's a must!!!


  1. I don't know if you are still in Rome, but if you are there don't forget to visit the church "San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane" - Borromini's masterpiece! Incredible elegant and unforgettable space! I enjoy all your Rome pictures! Cheers!

  2. What a treat, Chieftess. Luscious photos of this fabled place.

  3. The last time I went to Rome my husband and I hooked up with a nighttime tour of the Vatican and the Sistine chapel. It was OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive (we scrimped on dinners for days because of it) -- but was totally worth it. A small group of 25 or so, more or less alone in the building. It was awesome to be able to stand in the Sistine chapel without hordes of people and look at that amazing ceiling. I'm so jealous that you were just there! Looking at your photos is making my traveling bug wake up and start biting...

  4. That's a bedbug, Kat.

    Sumptuous, glorious photos.

  5. Welcome Antonia! I'm sorry to say that we're no longer in Rome...we were there for just a few days, then on to a cruise in the Mediterranean. We're back home now, in our new home, in Mammoth CA...check out my new daily city blog about Mammoth!

    Thanks Petrea...

    I totally want to do that tour Kat!!!

    AH...as I was reading your comment, a commercial about bedbugs came on the tv...for real!!!

  6. Thanks for your wonderful pictures, Kathy. To me the whole Vatican experience reflected just how much the Catholics have in their huge museum, all of it beautiful. But think of its worth. Perhaps the Mormons have more by now. How many starving Catholics are there worldwide? Does it border on the obscene?


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