Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back on Track...and Ready to Post!!!

Our first stop on our recent trip was to sunny Rome...and let me tell you...the sun was shining in overdrive!!! Supposedly it was around 33 degrees centigrade which would put it at 91 degrees Farenheit...I swear it was closer to 100, with about 90% humidity... But hey! We're in Rome!!!

Anyone for a swim???

Our first day we walked along the Fiume Tevere and around the Castel Sant' Angelo, both near our hotel, the Atlante Star.

Isn't she beautiful?

A little side spot that looked like a cool spot to sit and chat with the neighbors...

Probably the best mode of transportation in Rome...

Just for you Wayne!!! In England they put boots around the wheel of a car for parking too Rome, they'll tow ya!!!

I think Luigi may qualify as my Stranger #1...he was our waiter in our favorite restaurant in Rome, the Varona. Very close to our hotel, we walked here our first night. We were hot, tired and hungry! Luigi took care of us..he brought out this, that and the other, all delectable! He told us that he's been a waiter for a long time, and that for awhile he was in the States, also working as a waiter. He was delightful and made our dinner that much more enjoyable!!!

I believe this is the Roman version of the Mary Kay car!!!
I think you need one Doryce!!!

It was so hot, even the cement lion was shvitzing...

The Miller family...our traveling companions, extraordinaire!!!


  1. Just lifting the car up and putting it on a truck seems like such a simple plan. No fuss, no muss. Happy travels Kathy.

  2. Brava!

    The first time I visited Rome, I was in an old apartment overlooking a courtyard. I threw open the windows and heard music. What was it? So familiar..."Buongiorno, Papa." "Buongiorno, Half Pint." Yes, it was the theme to Little House on the Prairie.

  3. I've never been to Rome. Of course I want to go, it goes without saying. Lovely photos, Chieftess.

  4. Don't you just love Italy and those crazy Italians. Can't get enough. The pictures are great especially that beautiful woman.

  5. traveling companions thought I was nuts taking pains to get just the right shot of this...I did it for you!!!

    AH...My first time traveling in Europe, while I was in an underground subway mall, I heard Willie Nelson singing "On the Road Again" became my traveling mantra...

    Yay Miss Maris!!! What was your favorite part???

    Petrea...don't go in July!!! My first time there, about 30 some odd years ago, I went in November...perfect weather, no huge crowds...much better!!!

    Awwwww, Italianos!!!! Glad you joined the journey Ms O!!!

  6. I love this city! Thanks for sharing! Have a nice travel, with great photo opportunities!

  7. I love Italy. Unrestrained passion, cyprus trees and terracotta colors

  8. Welcome Antonia!!! Everyone, check out Antonia's Daily City Blog,

  9. PA...I agree...the colors were fabulous...

  10. A wunderful post on your vacation home.

  11. Oh to be stowed away in your luggage for your next journey. These pictures are amazing. Rome is one of those cities I've always wanted to visit.

  12. Thanks Cafe!!!

    Definitely a beautiful city to visit Laurie...but better to visit in early spring or late fall, I think!!! My first visit to Rome was in October, fabulous weather, and not so many crowds...a much better time of year to visit!!!

  13. Oh I've never been to Rome. Thanks for taking me along Kath.
    Gorgeous photos.


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