Sunday, August 22, 2010

Touring Rome...

We walked and periodically hopped on and off the "Hop on-Hop off" buses to tour Rome...

We saw beautiful little spots along the way...

And, well, what can I say??? Perhaps this is a new concept for serving the homeless...

New camera...creates new photographer nut!!!
(and wow!!! what a nice camera...Canon 5D)
Oops...I stand's a Canon 7D!!!

A quiet little bistro on the side of the road...

The Spanish Steps...I think they're there...can you see them through the throngs of tourists???

And on to the Trevi Fountain...Belissimo!!!

And yep...throngs of people again!!! Most of them were turning around and pointing at was so hot, I was spouting more fluids than the fountain!!!

Some of our cruiser friends toured Rome after the cruise and saw the fountain at night...all lit up and less people!!!

This guy wouldn't give up...he got exasperated because as the bus sat here at the pick up spot, try as he might, he couldn't get a sale...didn't matter if you already had a parasol, he still wanted you to buy his!!! No black velvet paintings or pottery piggy banks though...

This was fascinating...just outside of the Coliseum is the Palantine Hill...the centermost hill of the Seven Hills of Rome. Augustus actually declared this site the original town of Rome after fragments of Bronze Age pots and tools were found. The site was roped off, and the archaeological dig was begun...and here it is today...


  1. The history and archaeology are my favorites. And I'll take your hint and go in October or March!

  2. Yep, Petrea, if you want history, Rome's the place to go!!! It's amazing to walk or ride through a thriving metropolitan city and come across such things as the Coliseum, the Palantine Hill, the Forum, the name every direction you go!!!

  3. Oh, these are charming, Chieftess. I hope you'll post many more. You didn't also happen to go to Florence, did you?

  4. Stay tuned Hiker...Florence is coming up!!!

  5. I really need to visit Italy, especially after seeing the movie "Eat Pray Love". The food alone in Italy will have me falling in love!

  6. When you go have to get a pink Vespa!!!

  7. camera is a 7D :)


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