Friday, January 29, 2010

OK...Let's take a look around and see what there is to do ...

Let's see...anyone tired of the ship's fabulous food??? We can always go to Johnny Rockets and get a burger and fries!!!

They even have a floor show!!!

How about some surfing or belly boarding???

Now, for some reason, we didn't realize that Madeira Island is just about the same latitude as Fort Lauderdale, our destination port. So we all prepared for a cold crossing...

It's a good thing we all brought bathing suits for the jacuzzi...and shorts to work out in!!! 'Cause it was warm and balmy the whole way across!!!

How's this for the location of the jacuzzi???

And here's the gym and the deck track...if you feel like working off some of that extraordinary cruise food and Johnny Rockets burgers...

Too bad we're all leaning towards the senior side of life...the kid's play area looked like fun!!!

There's also that bar up there on the top of the ship...I hear it's got spectacular views!!!
(of miles and miles of ocean!!!)

There's always the opportunity to pray to the gods of golf...

or scale the sides of the ship...

Oh! And did I mention that bar up by the pool and sun decks??? I hear they pour a pretty good Pina Colada!!!

And if anyone's feeling romantic...what could be better???

And just in case someone gets the idea that it would be fun to cliff dive over the edge of the ship...

I dunno....I think I'll just hang out in one of these deck chairs and contemplate life...

Next post...SKYWATCH on board the Independence of the Seas!!!


  1. It is pretty impressive what facilities these ships have, I have never been on one but they must be absolutely huge!

    These pictures are all very impressive, especially when looking at them on a cold day such as today with the snow falling again...

  2. This one was very huge!!! Thanks for stopping by deck chairs!!!

  3. Wow, you have everything here, Xcept...Chocolate Cake!

    How did you commemorate National Chocolate Cake Day, ChiefTess?

  4. Ya' know Cafe...I have to say...there was not a plethora of chocolate on board the Independence of the a matter of a blue blood chocoholic, I would have to say that there was a definite dearth of chocolate on board. There were many nights I had to forego the desert because there was not sufficient chocolate involved...

  5. I"ve had a mini vacation and didn't even have to pack. The kids area reminded me of the Stravinsky fountain at the Pompidou in Paris. Very Niki Saint Phalle! Great shots!

  6. V...Glad you could join us on our journey across the seas!!! Actually, one of the best features of a cruise vacation is not having to pack and unpack and carry all that darn luggage!!!

  7. Wow, that looks like a fabulous trip! My husband and I have only been on board a ship once-- we went transatlantic from NYC to Southampton, U.K. It was fabulous but it wasn't really a fun-looking cruise like this. Now we're hooked on boats and are looking for the next trip!

  8. Welcome aboard klikkonthis!!! Actually, the Independence of the Seas is the second largest cruise ship sailing these days, and the Royal Caribbean line specializes on shipboard activities. For the trip across the Atlantic, it was ideal, and the route as well (more southern lattitudes-warmer weather). The Mediterranean may be our next destination!!!

  9. You know, I'd probably try the rock climbing after a salty dog or two.

  10. After a salty dog or two, I'd probably claim I'd already done the rock climb not once but twice, and higher than anyone else on the ship!!!

  11. I've done two cruises. The Hawaii Island and the Alaskan cruise. Compared to your ship I think we were traveling on a dingy.

    Alaska was great because the cities were nestled up against the mountains. I had a trail book with me so I knew exactly where the trail heads were located. The stops were long enough for me to get in a decent hike.

    Hawaii I'd step off ship rent a car and drive to the trail heads.

    It wasn't a bad way to go and I got to meet the locals on the inland trails.

  12. Hi PA!!! Sounds like you had a great time! And healthy too...with all those hikes you could work off the cruise food easily!!! We cruised Alaska a few years ago...but instead of hiking, we went up the rail to the White Pass Summit, saw the Mendenhall and Hubbard glaciers up close and personal, lots of whales breaching and even bubble feeding (a rare sight), and my personal favorite, Dolly's House Museum...Dolly was a prostitute who bought her house in the early 1900's for $800, and paid it off in a week (her tricks were only 25-50 cents a pop back then)...She worked alone, and her career lasted until she was 72 when prostitution became illegal in Alaska!!! The things you can learn when traveling!!!

  13. Do the prostitution math and the mind boggles.

  14. I've been trying to figure out how she accomplished this ever since we were there!!!

  15. I really enjoyed the tour today!

  16. Thanks Shanna! Glad you could join us!!!


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