Saturday, January 23, 2010

Leaving Funchal, we're now faced with what to do over the next six days...

Good bye beautiful and fun more gads!!! What the heck are we going to do now?? We can't eat and/or drink alllll day...or can we???

Hey!!! This is fun...the pilot just jumped back on the pilot's boat after overseeing the ship's embarkation!!!
OK...That was what???

Wow! Look at those clouds!!!
Let's just sit back and enjoy the view...while we still have it!!!'s getting dark and a bit chilly...isn't it time to start getting ready for drinks and dinner...where are we meeting??? The Mojito bar???


  1. I want the pictures from the Mojito Bar!

  2. I want to meet you there.

  3. Sorry LA all pictures from the Mojito bar came out a bit mean blurry!!!

    OK AH...we'll fly to Florida (I've got miles), then we'll probably have to swim to the Caribbean to catch the Independence of the Seas...on second thought....maybe we ought to just meet at Bar Celona on Colorado...I hear they have pretty good Mojitos!!!

  4. Gorgeous pictures of beautiful places.
    You should do a table top book of places and the drinks that were consumed at each bar.

    never had a mojito ... what is it?

  5. Hmmmm...where to begin DD? A Mojito is a very refreshing drink made with rum, mulled mint and sugar with a bit of lime...served at the "Salsa Bar" which we dubbed the Mojito Bar! One of our cruise mates was partial to Mojitos and would stop there before dinner every night...funny thing, the ship ran out of mint several days before the cruise our friend had to resort to the 'Nojito Mojito'! (our name for the Mojitos they continued to advertise for on the ship when there was actually no mint to make them!!!)

  6. What an incredible trip you're having. It's great to discover your blog/adventures. Thanks for visiting monastery daily photo.

  7. YOu guys could have had caipirinhas, instead!

  8. Thank you FA!! I enjoyed visiting your blog as well!!!

    LA...I had to google that one!!! Sounds pretty good and probably would have been a good substitute!!!

  9. wow, what beautiful sea and skyscapes. Sounds like your cruise is a perfect mix of activity and relaxation (eating??).

  10. Thanks for stopping by Linda!!!

    Hey Everybody...Linda's got a terrific blogsite, Occasional Scotland...stop by and check it out!!!


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