Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Piece de Resistance...skywatch cruise style!

One of the most peaceful times of the day on a cruise ship is when the sun is setting...what could be more beautiful than to watch the sun sink into the ocean at the edge of the world???

And as the proverbial sun sets, so does our transatlantic trip...
Thank you for joining me on our journey across the Atlantic!


  1. Whoa!

    These are extraordinary.

    You're right about sunsets from a cruise. I loved the ones when we were in Alaska -- they continued until 3 AM! I think you and your hub took a similar cruise -- from Vancouver up to Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka...?

    I've loved tagging along on this transatlantic journey, Chieftess. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Laurie!!! Yep...we did the Alaska cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage, then Denali and a few extra days in Anchorage visiting friends who live their during the summer. Wonderful trip...truly the last frontier!

    Glad you joined us on this photo journey!!!

  3. If you ever tire of tagging along with your husband, lemme know.

    Chief, anyone ever tell you that you take a nice pic!? I'm wundering how you wood do with taking shots of food!?

  4. What a breathtaking series of shots. Seeing the clouds skimming along above the ocean made me realise how thin the habitable zone is on Earth, and how precious.

  5. Thanks for the offer Cafe, but I'm afraid my hubby's in for the duration!!! However, he's partial to canines too!!! As for pics of food, haven't done much...but willing to experiment if you've got some food in mind!!!

    Thank you Linda! We do live in a beautiful world, don't we!

  6. I'm particularly struck by the top one. The angle and perspective are excellent!!

  7. How gorgeous. Maybe I've got Chopin on the brain, but that's what your photos looked like to me.

    WV: Predi. Very predi, indeed.

  8. My favorite "on deck" moment was pulling into that ring of glaciers on the Alaskan cruise

  9. Thank you all!!! And PA...I remember the glaciers in the Alaskan cruise...fabulous...very different experience!


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