Thursday, September 17, 2009

The first two weeks in Paradise...

The first two weeks of our stay in Paradise were spent in what's known as the Caretaker's cabin...remember that big, gorgeous lodge in the previous posting? These photos are of the cabin where the "Caretakers" of the "big house" stay...the caretaker does odd jobs around the big house, taking care of the switchback road to the house, watching the hydro-electric system, monitoring the cleanup when the guests of the "big house" are leaving, and pretty much keeping an eye on things...

Which would include watching out for bears!!! This beautiful black bear sauntered through the nearby forest and up the hillside in front of the cabin...he wasn't terribly impressed by the humans watching him...he simply stopped and looked, and continued on...

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of the very narrow switchback road to the "big house"
is the very real possibility of losing an oil pan, as our friend who came up to visit mid stay came to realize...the road to the cabin is sooo steep, narrow and with a multitude of switchbacks that the only way to get the car out was to tow it by tractor!!! Once up to the main road, the idea was to meet the tow truck from the nearest town (from the lowlands)...he got into an accident on the way up and was delayed significantly...once he arrived, he was heard mumbling..."I'm never driving up here again"!!!!

Fortunately, most of our time in the "Caretakers" cabin, was spent watching the trees grow, reading about a book a day, and contemplating life's twists and turns...
In next week's posting, we'll visit the "big house", our wrap up weekend with friends, family, and a lot of fun!!!


  1. OOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! THis is so spectacular I could cry. What a gorgeous place, and such beautiful pictures commemorating your stay.

  2. Laurie and I are definitely inviting ourselves next time you go.

    (Is your husband's name John?)

  3. It is a beautiful place!!!! And thanks for the compliment Laurie!!! hubby's name is not John!!!

  4. Hint: He's a regular on some of the other blogs...

  5. What an incredible vacation spot and gorgeous photo's.
    Glad your back although I'm sure you wish you were
    still there.

  6. Thanks DD!!! We love it up there...but I have to admit our hearth and home (and own comfy bed) is always a welcome sight after two weeks in our paradise in the wilderness!!!

  7. Welcome back, Chief! Been back for 2 weeks?

  8. I guess so Cafe!!! It seems like just yesterday...but then my first week back is kind of lost in a blur of advil!!!

  9. I reality, this place must be a paradise... far from the bear.
    I like you photos and blog too. I will follow it.
    If you have time you can visit my photo blog
    I hope you enjoy it.
    Paulo Camacho

  10. Thank you Paulo!!! I did check out your blog...very nice!!! I've included you in my blogs list!!!

  11. Hi - thanks for your lovely comment on my blog posting. Your photos are fab - what a beautiful world we live in. have you ever been to the Highlands of Scotland? The scenery is somewhat reminiscent of your photos - no bears though! Check into my blog again if you have the time or inclination. I'm putting you on my blogs list and looking forward to more photos.

  12. Hi Kate!!! So glad you dropped by!!! We've not been to Scotland yet, but we did travel to Ireland in 2004!!! Scotland is on my list of places I'd like to visit!!!


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