Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paradise in the Mountains...

Our fabulous home away from home!!! We're on our way to two weeks of peaceful days relaxing and watching the trees tv, no phones, no computers...just us and the trees and, oh yes, the bears!!! (not to forget Kimberly who will join us for the mid weekend!!!) And just when we're beginning to grow tired of the solitude...friends and family show up for a grand party over Labor Day...ever played the "Name Game"??? With granddaughters, kids, and friends... Let the party begin!!!
See you in two weeks!!!


  1. Chief Tess: it doesn't look like you're in Glendale anymore.

  2. OK, I see your back based on the comment
    left on my blog. I hope your time away was all
    vacation and very relaxing. I look forward to
    new photo's. Must be some from this beautiful
    place, ey?

  3. Hi Cafe and DD!!! Unfortunately, upon return from our trip to back protested the return to civilization...I had a pinched nerve in my back all last week and was pretty much flat on my back...towards the end of the week I was able to sit for short periods of time...not long enough to sort through my photos and post the new ones...ah well, I'm back in the saddle, albeit getting up and moving around pretty frequently as per my PT!!!

  4. HOw gorgeous. Great photos!
    Hugs to you both.


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