Thursday, August 13, 2009

Balboa Park...a step back in time...

One of the great perks of attending San Diego State University...way back when...was being in close proximity to Balboa Park. While I didn't visit the park regularly when I attended SDSU, I did slip it into my agenda periodically between classes and the beach...
My favorite even then, was the beautiful Botannical Gardens, which I think surpasses even the brand new Botannical Gardens at the Huntington Library. The lattice work is fact, it is one of the largest lath structures in the world. And the plants? Fabulously luxurious!!! Whenever I go there I find myself traveling back in the scene in an old black and white movie...Humphrey Bogart...or Clark Gable...
Then there's the outdoor pipe organ...a magnificent structure. While there last week I was blessed with the opportunity to listen to the organist practice for his upcoming concert in the park. Fabulous!!!
In 1868, a 1400 acre plot of park land was originally set aside by the Board of Trustees of the City of San Diego for the expressed purpose of developing it as "City Park". The cultural center of the park with the museums and pipe organ were all developed in preparation for two world fairs, the Panama-California Exposition of 1915-16 and the California Pacific International Exposition of 1935-36. The renowned San Diego Zoo was extablished in 1916, during the second year of the World Fair Exposition. The Old Globe Theater was added during the 1935 Exposition. Additional development of the area has continued throughout the decades since.
Balboa Park is definitely a destination point. Plan on a few days, plenty of walking, lot's of sunshine and laughter. Have a lovely day!!!


  1. I've long loved those Botanical Gardens.

  2. Hey Kathy,

    Beautiful photography, love the florals especially. Balboa is such a beautiful place. I had one brief afternoon there many years ago on a business trip to Temecula, CA. I think several days would be needed to really appreciate it. Your photo's fill in some of the wonderful things I missed. Again, thanks for emailing!

  3. Never been, but you make me want to go. Those are orchids, I think?

  4. DD...Thanks for the kind words! Balboa Park is a very special place, and definitely requires an extended visit!!!

    AH...Yes, they're orchids! They were fabulous!!! If you love the Huntington Gardens, you'll definitely love Balboa Park!!!


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