Sunday, October 15, 2017

Our Little Corner of the World...Visiting Darwin, Australia!

Our last stop in Australia was Darwin...
we booked an excursion on a river boat to see Crocodile!

This guy was one of the first we saw...

...he was pretty impressive!

This stately matron was guarding her nest of Crocodile eggs...
hard to tell from the photo...
but she's missing her two front legs.

This guy was pretty adamant that he was ready to snack on 
the goodies the boat was dangling...

...he kept coming back for more...

Yeah...not in any hurry to dangle my arm over the edge of the boat!

We did see some birds...

...but not being a birder of any sort...

...I'll have to defer to my blog friend Stewart
to see what's swooping down for nibbles 
of the treats the boat had for them!

This guy didn't want to accept the treats were done for the day!

After our river trip we stopped for a bite to eat.

If you noticed the floats around the swimmer, this is the area
that is protected from dangerous critters...
like the Crocs above!!!
One thing we found out while in Australia is there are
a lot of critters and bugs in Australia that can hurt or kill you...
Aussies get the reputation of being a tough
group of people for good reason!!!  

I never did see just what this guy was "shooting"!

Heading back to the ship... stop...


For more images from around the on the images below!


  1. Beautiful captures all! Loved the last pic the best!

  2. Even with the protected area you wouldn't get me to go in that water. You got some great photos of the crocs.

  3. A cruise - aren't you lucky! Great crocodile shots!

  4. Great photos Kathryn! After the first photos, I was shocked when I saw the guy swimming in the same water. I don't care if it is "croc-proofed" I not going in there!

  5. Oh, wow! I love these photos! The crocodiles are impressive! That cruise ship ain't too shabby, either! :-)

  6. Thanks everyone!!! The crocs weren't actually near the swimmer, although I was told that crocs can be out and about in that area! They do a great job in Australia of securing areas in the beaches and like this little inlet for swimmers to swim safely...but yeah...after seeing those crocs...not too interested in sticking my toes in the water!!!

  7. Crocs - got to love them! The birds - the two in the tree and the one flying away are White Tailed Sea Eagles, the other one is a Kite - going on the square (?) shape of the end of the tail I think its a Whistling Kite - but its hard from that image.

    Hope all is well! SM

    1. I knew you'd know Stewart!!! Those crocs were awesome!!! Although I must say I'm glad they're not indigenous to our beaches!!!


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