Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Our Little Corner of the World...on Our Way to Singapore!!!

4 Days at sail...
on our way to Singapore!

No fog...nothing on my lens...
except moisture from the humidity hitting my lens!
Geeze...it was humid!!!
Being from sunny, dry California, I didn't know
you're supposed to warm your camera up 
before using it in the heat and humidity!!!
And purchase dehumidifier packets as soon as you get back!

So what do you do with a fogged up photo...
Edit it vintage style, of course!!!

Or for you purists out there...use the dehaze tool in LR...

The Golden hour off the ship is pretty spectacular...

Pretty nice view for 4 days, eh?

Beautiful clouds...

...and a calm sea...
makes for peaceful sailing!

To visit more little corners of the world...click on the images below!


  1. Terrific shots! Four days at sea.... the longest I've been on the water has been across the strait to Prince Edward Island, with land in sight on both sides.

    1. Well...I haven't been to Prince Edward Island!!! We've been on several Transatlantic cruises and have spent many days at sea...so far it's all been smooth sailing!

  2. Beautiful shots. I've never been on a cruise. This might be the closest I get.

    1. Cruises can be a lot of fun! If you look online you can find deals pretty easily...but you have to book in advance...or go spontaneously!

  3. Okay, these are absolutely stunning.

  4. Beautiful captures and editing too!

  5. Sure looks a relaxing trip with scenery that is restful on the eyes. From your earlier posts it seems you had quite an Australian adventure!! Thank you for dropping by my blog and continuing enjoying (and sharing the results of) your Nikon. Safe travels too!

    1. Thank you Valerie! Cruising on the high seas can definitely be peaceful!!! It was hot and humid, but gorgeous clouds!!!

  6. It's quite a different view with no land in site. A beautiful set of photos!

  7. Really nice photos Kathryn! So what the heck is LR? It really did a great job on that photo!
    You took full advantage of the moisture when making it look vintage.

  8. Gorgeous photos! I really like the third photo of the ship.

  9. Never thought of doing a cruise holiday - although as I think the idea become more tempting by the hour!

    Nice pictures.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Best part of a cruise...you don't have to unpack and pack over and over again...worst part of a cruise...you only get so many hours in any given port...

      But they're a fun way to travel and see a lot of our world!!!


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