Monday, July 18, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...on Our Last Game Drive...

On our last day in Zambia, we went on one last game drive.
We weren't expecting much as the game park was very small.

Who knew we'd see the largest herd of elephants of the trip!

This guy was quite stately...

...and bee-lining his way to...


He very diligently shook this tree until the nuts fell off.

Then he grazed on the nuts...kind of like a vacuum cleaner...

And what, might you ask, is this?

It's a termite mound!!!

These were all over South Africa and here in Zambia.

Now...if you've been to our know why I took this!!!

TheChief was in South Africa once before...
...he brought this lovely warthog home with him...
...the warthog sits prominently in our living room...
...he is the bain of my existence!!!

Whoever comes over either loves him or hates him!!!

What's not to love with a face like this???

This Rhino and her baby were a bit hidden behind the plants...
...which was a good thing as we were only about 30 yards away!

We pulled to a stop on the road, got out and walked to where these Rhino were.
Yep...we walked.  Which meant we were on foot when I took this.

Our guide told us when we began our trek, " Africa it is never good to run".

He told us that if the Rhino started to move toward us, to slowly back away,
then walk away...SLOWLY!

Well...they did start to walk toward us and we did just what he told us to do...
...and lived to tell it!!!

I felt pretty safe as our guides had these giant AK47's strapped to them.
Fortunately, TheChief didn't tell me until we got back that 
an AK47 wouldn't even pierce the hide of the Rhino.
They carried the AK47's to use on poachers!!!

TheChief told me that the AK47 could pierce the hide of the Rhino...
but it wouldn't stop it!!!
Glad I didn't know that until after the fact!!!
I had visions of the scene in Hatari where John Wayne, Red Buttons
and their crew were trying to capture the Rhino...
and he kept charging the jeeps...

Our guide and TheChief!!!

This little guy climbed inside the window of a car not far from us when we 
stopped for our sundowner.
He apparently needed a map...

Our last sundowner spot, next to the Zambezi.

I'm really not complaining...but at Singita we had beer and wine at our 
sundowner parties!

Our last African sunset...

...and our last evening to enjoy this spectacular hotel's porch.

The next day we headed home...
...first stop...
...the Zambia airport.

Not particularly comfortable for waiting...

...but there was plenty of floor space!!!

From Livingstone Zambia to Johannesburg South Africa...
...from Johannesburg to London...
...and London to LA.

Sadly...this was the end of one of the best trips of my life!!!

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  1. The animals are amazing- especially the elephants.

  2. I'm happy you got to have this wonderful experience.

    I take it a sundowner is a cocktail party?

    1. A Sundowner is an opportunity to enjoy the African sunset at the end of a game drive...celebrating with snacks and's a sundown party!!!

  3. Fab photos of the elephants - and that warthog reminded me of "Pumbaa" from the Lion King movie (ha ha) Truly a trip of a lifetime!

  4. great photos " love the elephants :-)

    1. Thanks Dirk! I think the elephants were my favorites!

  5. The trip may be over, but the memories and photos will last forever. This is what I love about blogging, you get to share in amazing journeys. In the last day, I went to South Africa, Italy, and saw a friend's beautiful grandchild. Life is good.

    I get the warthog, but in the living room?!

    1. I agree Wayne! Next project is to make a book!!!

      Yeah...prominently in the living room!!!

  6. Fantastic photos! I love the magnificent! I actually like the warthog, too! Very cool!

    1. It was pretty cool to see the warthogs in the wild...they're kind of cute there...not so much in the living room...

  7. It sounds like an incredible trip, and great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Amazing and all kinds of wonderful.

  9. Fantastic Trip! I'm glad the rhinos didn't charge you and glad that nobody had to shoot the rhinos. you were really brave!

    1. It was really amazing standing so close to such wild animals...with no fences or walls around them...

  10. You captured a Pumba... sad reference to The Lion King. ;-D

    I have really enjoyed your posts, I feel like I got to go on and African safari with you.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens

  11. I love the elephants! They're amazing animals.

  12. What a way to end your trip! Great photos and narrative. That warthog is not exactly a "cutie."


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