Monday, June 27, 2016

A Traditional Working Village...

One of the most interesting activities we did while in Zambia
was to take a tour of a traditional working village.
When we signed up, they stressed that the village was not built for tourists,
but was in fact a "real" working village.

We were the only ones on our tour.
Our guide was the lovely lady in red below...
...she was delightful and very informative.

One of the first structures we saw was...

...the jail!!!
She told us it was primarily just used for someone who had imbibed too much,
or was just being unruly!

We were there at mid and dusty.

The harsh mid day light and deep shadows made for some tough photography...

...but we had a bunch of willing models!!!

This woman was cracking nuts.

This was a sleeping hut...and of course the laundry line!

The hut on the right was where they prepared food for meals...
...the village members prepared and ate all their meals together.

This young girl was eager to pose for me!

Our guide was very proud to show us their water tanks.
She told us that the tanks were donated and constructed by American tourists
who saw the need and committed to providing this for the village.
Rotary International is involved in providing water wells and tanks in third world countries all over the world, but this wasn't done by Rotary.
Our guide told us this wasn't an organization,
just some tourists who saw the need and wanted to help.

The kids were returning from school while we were there.

 The village kitties.

This lady was busy preparing something for their meals.

These two ladies were pounding away on the tree fronds, not sure why...but they were working hard!

The primary product the villagers made was items to sell to tourists.

They actually used a power saw to block out the shape, then carving with smaller hand tools.

Just around the corner, numerous families were displaying their wares in a large 
area for our shopping pleasure.

I was too busy looking and sorting and picking out our treasures to take any photos!

And yes...we did a fine job of supporting their village economy!

For more little corners of the world, click on the images below!


  1. Hello, what a fantastic trip! I enjoyed seeing the village and people. The children are always adorable. Love the kitties too. Great collection of photos. Enjoy your day and have a happy week ahead!

  2. Thank you for this interesting series of photos showing us a bit what the lives of the village people looked like.They must have been very kind.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  3. Well this is weird...I updated my post with two additional link ups and it re-posted two additional times as new posts. That's never happened before when I've done an update!

  4. What a great place, I'd love to see that. Great shots of it!

  5. Beautiful pictures ! I wished I could live once in such a village ! Perhaps not for too long, lol !

  6. Such a different way of life. Interesting.

  7. You really captured a day in the life. A life most of us never get a chance to see.

  8. Seeing how the locals live is a real eye opener. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

  9. Lovely shots of another way of life.

  10. How wonderful that a group of tourists constructed water tanks for this village. I enjoyed your photos and recap.

  11. How wonderful that a group of tourists constructed water tanks for this village. I enjoyed your photos and recap.

  12. What an exciting adventure. I love the some random tourists donated their water tanks.

  13. fantastic pictures. It was such an interesting trip.

  14. Hi! Very interesting post! You are areal explorer!The kitties are very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  15. It's good to visit places like this and experience their culture. Gives us a fresh new look in life.

  16. Very interesting! Nice to see that they are preserving parts of their culture.
    Great photos!


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