Friday, April 15, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...Building a House in Tecate, Mexico!!!'s that time of year again!!!
Our annual trek down to Tecate, Mexico to build a house in a day!

This year, TheChief and Pat Hayes coordinated a combined build with the Mammoth Lakes,
Bishop,  and South Pasadena Rotary Clubs and Bishop Interact kids in conjunction with Corazon.

Sooo...we headed down to El Cajon on Friday, and on Saturday...
we met at the crack of dawn...

Some people were wide awake at that hour...

...and some of us were zombies!!!

I think Camille, George, Tony, Sherryl, and Mireyah all had plenty of caffeine that morning!!!

Tony's showing his expertise at the saw table...

...Diane tackled the paint roller...

Pat's just happy everybody made it down in one piece and 
is looking forward to those fabulous margarita's at the end of the day!!!

Sheila's got her own tool belt...she's awesome!!!

TheChief is proving once again that holding the hammer the right way works best!!!

George seems to be a bit envious of Tom's professional tool belt...
...Tom's reminding us all he's a pro at this!!!

Pat, Rich and TheChief take a break to smile for the annoying camera woman!!!

Even Ele is getting into the action!!!

As the day progressed, the walls went up...'s really a lot like an old fashioned barn raising!

Even the family got into the action!

...and when the painting got old...

...the action ramped up a few notches!!!

Throughout the day, we work hard, but it's a fun day full of lots of laughter and smiles...
...sometimes we forget how meaningful this is for the family that is receiving the home.
They have worked hard to qualify for their home.
They are required to take classes on Domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse,
gardening, job skills and many more...
...they do many hours of community service...
...and they have to buy the property that the house will be built on.
This family's daughter, who works as a seamstress, bought the property  for her parents
and lives in the blue and white house next door.
It is an amazing experience...just an hour over the border from the southernmost border
of California, and the United States.

American Gothic...Rotary Interact-Tecate style!!!
It's really awesome for these teens to come down to Tecate, a world so different from our own,
and work hard to provide a home for these families.
It's truly a life changing experience!
For ALL of us!!!

Jessica is master of the tiled cook shelf...and Linda is a master at wood cutting!

Tony and Sherryl getting in the photo action...

...and Diane and Cynthia too!

Roof's DONE!!!

Rich and Diane are comparing notes at the end of the day...
Diane won the most paint on her clothes and hat award!!!

Pat hands over the keys to the Acosta Familia... 
...always an emotional end of a great day. 
(Tom let me use his 16mm Fish Eye lens for the big group shots...
haven't quite gotten the hang of the  LR adjustments
 so imagine you're looking at these through a fish bowl!!!)

All three clubs standing in front of the new home of the Acosta Familia!

A long day...and a great outcome!!!

...celebrating a great day with GIANT margaritas and Mexican food at our favorite spot
in El Cajon!  Por Favor!!!


  1. It's a fun day!!! And a fun party afterwards!!!

  2. What a great post about pulling together to make a difference. Great job - I love the paint colors!

  3. I've been reading these posts of yours from some years now, ever since you lived in South Pas. I shouldn't read them because they always make me cry! But I can't resist. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Plus, I want a tool belt.

  4. If you don't mind me weeping all day, I just might do that!

  5. You guys are an awesome team, it's so wonderful to give your time and talent to help those less fortunate

  6. Thanks all! It is an awesome experience every year...

  7. That is an awesome thing you guys do. Good on all you for it!


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