Thursday, April 7, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...Visiting Cape of Good Hope!!!

Day 3 of our CapeTown stay had us heading out of town, down towards the Cape of Good Hope.
On our way, we stopped in a little fishing village for an excursion out to see the seals...

This big ol' guy probably would be better off living on the rocks with the rest of his buddies...
but somehow, the guy in the striped shirt got a hold of him and turned him into a trained seal act.
I was already on the boat, taking some pics of this big ol' guy when his human
saw me and headed my way saying no pictures without paying!!!

The bay where we boarded the boat was a beautiful little bay...

...quite serene and calm!

TheChief is getting pretty used to retirement!!!

Now...don't let all that serenity and calm water of the bay fool you...

 ...the sea got pretty darned rough the closer to the island of Seals that we got!!!

It was a rough ride...

...I had to brace myself against the side of the boat...

...and I had to time my shots just so!

Not too rough for the seals though!!!

Then heading back to shore, you'd never guess how rough it had been!!!

This was the view on our way to the Cape of Good Hope...

Two days of hanging with Michael, tour guide extraordinaire,
TheChief and he got to be pretty good friends!!!

We never did see Baboons in CapeTown or on our road trip to the Cape of Good Hope!

But we did see a bunch of Ostrich's!!!
This one on a farm...

This one in the wild!!!

And we made it!!!
The Cape of Good Hope....

These plants were all along the road to the Cape...
very unusual looking...
I just had to stop and snap a few pics!!!

To visit more little corners of the on the image below!


  1. for en flott opplevelse, kjempe fine bilder og !

  2. Wonderful shots, particularly the seals. A shame that one of them ends up being the meal ticket for an opportunist.

  3. Thank you for stopping by so I could discover this amazing blog! Your header promised great shots, and this post is FULL of them! Just wonderful. I am your newest follower. Just moved to Marin from 30 years in Hawaii... Stop back anytime you feel. We got a nice thing going

    1. Wow! Hawaii to've lived in some beautiful places!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Chieftess, your shots are splendid as always! I love following your travels.

  5. Wonderful shots! But I can't help feeling sorry for that sea lion.

  6. I've never seen photos of South Africa, the landscapes are stunning. I'd have probably lost mu lunch on that boat ride.

  7. The first picture gets my ..... seal of approval! (or maybe sea-lion!)

    SA looks like a great place I really want to go.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. All of them great photos! Even with the very rough water you did very well. You guys have really had an adventure. Thanks for the amazing photo and word tour. I don't like that guy with seal very much...


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