Monday, January 18, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...Visiting the Buda Castle District!!!

The Buda Castle District, in the hilly area of the Buda side of the city,
is a beautiful little area...
Such a nice area to start and end our days in Budapest!!!

Down one of the side streets near our hotel we found a little outdoor coffee spot...

Complete with a bit of local music and color...

A perfect spot for neighborhood kids to enjoy a scoop of gelato...

...or enjoy a cup of tea or Espresso with Linda and Art!!!

There is beauty everywhere in Budapest...

Just look at the beautiful detail on this bridge!

Within walking distance from our hotel we found lovely cafe with outdoor tables...
with a wonderful menu highlighting local foods...
have you ever had Töltött káposzt?
That's stuffed cabbage rolls!
Tasted just like my mom's!!!
(No...she wasn't Hungarian, but she was 100% Swiss with lot's of 
experience traveling throughout Europe, including Hungary!)  

A yummy local wine...
(I dare you to pronounce this!)

And take a look at our local ambiance as we walked back to the hotel!
(The St. Mathias Church at night!)

Click on the image below to visit more little corners of the world!!!


  1. The European cities and towns I've visited have had this one thing in common: beauty everywhere you look. Beauty is a life-enhancer, and so uplifting.

    1. I so agree...and add to that...history! So much history in European cities...

  2. It looks wonderful!

  3. You've captured the city beautifully. I'd love to visit Budapest.

  4. Replies
    1. He was delightful! He smiled for me while I was taking the pics...but I preferred this one with his intent focus on his playing!

  5. Wow, how beautiful! Love the buildings!

  6. I wonder if you will still enjoy American coffee when you get home (assuming you did in the first place or=f course!)

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. The detail in almost everything is amazing! Thanks for the great photo-tour of a place, I'll probably never see in person.


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