Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Our Little Corner of the World...More Touring of Budapest!

Continuing on through Budapest...
...we made a stop at the Heroes Square.

Now...the interesting thing about Heroes Square isn't so much the grandeur of the
memorial figures...or the grandeur of the large square...
what's amazing to me is that the square was constructed to celebrate the
one thousandth anniversary of Hungary....
Hungary is 1000 years old!!!
That's pretty impressive!
She's gone through many an upheaval and incarnation,
but she's been in existence for 1000 years!!!

I'm sure this building doesn't date back a thousand years...
but I'm darned sure it wasn't built in the past Century either!

The detail is exquisite...
...and another reason Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

I do regret that we didn't get into this beautiful Temple.
The Dohany Street Synagogue is the largest synagogue in Europe.
It is gorgeous from the outside...and I've seen photos of the interior,
and it is equally gorgeous on the inside.
To go inside we would have had to go back to it the next day, because on this day...
we were heading out to the country side for a horse show!!!

Clouds were starting to roll in...
but the country side was beautiful!

I was hoping for something a bit more Cavalia...
...it was more of a cheesy history lesson of Budapest and the importance of the horse
in their collective history.

It was amusing!

And Art got to show off his skill with a whip...
can you see it???
He was actually pretty good!

Then we went for a little ride...

Then there was a walk through the farm...

...and the stables!!!

While the day was cloudy...the rain didn't start until we were on the bus heading back to our hotel!
I loved the abstract pictures made by the lights...

To visit more little corners of the world...click on the image below!!!



  1. The architecture is exquisite, and the farm seems inviting!

    1. The architecture throughout Budapest is amazing...it is truly an extraordinarily beautiful city!

  2. Love those shots from the horse farm and show.

  3. a wonderful tour - I've often heard good things from folk who've been there,

  4. Your beautiful photos bring back so many memories. We travelled to Budapest in 2014 - it's a great place to visit

    1. Thank you! It is a beautiful city!!! Glad I was able to trigger good memories!!!

  5. What an amazing city! It is gorgeous. A thousand years? That was about 500 years before folks realized that the earth was round! 500 years before a white man every laid eyes on North America (allegedly). Really nice photos Kathryn!

  6. So lovely city and amazing aspects discovered and captured through your camera lens! Best regards!


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