Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our Little Corner of the World...Visiting Bratislava, Slovakia!!!

Our second to the last port on our river cruise was in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Previously part of the Eastern Bloc of the Soviet Union, Bratislava is undergoing
social and economic changes.  Much like every city we have visited in Europe that 
were previously part of the Soviet Union, there's a dreariness and tiredness in the 
structure of the city.  The buildings are a bit tired and need some repairs, or a good
coat of paint.  But the people are delightful!  There's a feeling of resurgence and
you know that the next time you visit, the city will have regained much of its vibrance.

On our way into the old town, city center, we passed by the US Embassy...

...and stopped at the Square Castle.
As castles go, not particularly grand to look at.  But when you realize that this spot
where the castle was built had been the site of settlements as early as
5000 BC.  Yep...BC.
That's a heck of a long time!!!
The main tower of the castle dates back to the 1300's and was where the Hungarian
crown jewels were kept for over 200 years.
The castle burnt in 1811, left only in ruins. 
The castle was rebuilt and remains a dominant part of the city.

The view from the castle...across the Danube to another part of the city.

Sometimes you just have to go a little crazy with your travel pics...

Heading in to the old city center...

No...we're not heading to a dungeon or other scene of Medieval torture...

Don't ask me why...but it was on the wall above the door to....????

Sooo...I know you're all wondering why I took a photo of a hole in the wall filled in with
Think Napolean, think canon balls...

Ach!!!  Crazy tourists!!!

Throughout the Main Square in Old Town were all kinds of interesting
statues and well...a coat of arms!!!

This guy was celebrating the common laborer...

Dan decided to play the crazy tourist...

and again!

I haven't seen Hare Krishna's in just about forever!!!

There he goes again!!!

Dan:  Get one of me with the coat of arms...
Debra:  O-M-G!!!  Who are these people we're traveling with???

Just sitting down to have a conversation with Napolean...

Skip the conversation with Napolean...
Sean and Veronica having mid afternoon beer and a few "tall" stories!

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  1. What a beautiful city. I'd love to see it for myself someday.

    1. It's charming...still recuperating from being under Soviet rule...

  2. Wow! Such cool and nice photo series!

  3. Wonderfull photos,Happy end Xmas,
    Best regard from Belgium

  4. Coll..Happy days untill New Year,

  5. That looks like a very attractive city.

  6. You say Dan's "playing" at being the crazy tourist, but I don't think he's playing!

    1. True Petrea!!! We fit right into the crazy tourist mold!!!

  7. Nice shots - I think I'd want to get a shot with the suit of armour too!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. I know!!! How often do you get to stand right next to a real suit of armor??? Thanks Stewart!!!

  8. It would be a dream come true if I were to visit Eastern Europe! Lovely photos packed with memories.

    1. Thanks you EG Camera Girl!!! It was a lovely trip!

  9. Such grand architecture! Wishing you a lovely new year.

  10. Was that really a canon-ball mark from Napolean!!? Wow! it's great to visit all these countries through blog, and wait for the day when I can go :-). Nice pics.

  11. I actually think the buildings are quite interesting! Love the clock tower! I can see where anything that was once part of the Soviet Union could use some revitalizing, though. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  12. Very interesting history of the city. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!


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