Friday, December 11, 2015

Our Little Corner of the World...visiting Vienna!!!

In Vienna we started out at the Hofburg Palace...
...built in the 13th Century...(another testament to old European builders!!!)
....and has been the designated seat of government ever since.
Currently, it is the official residence and office of the President of Austria.

The sights were a bit different than I was anticipating!!!
Perhaps a government worker getting a bit of sun to start the day???

I think I could get into this mode of touring...

...although...I might have a hard time staying in line...
and keeping the speed down!!! 

However...touring by horse drawn carriage might just be the best way to see Vienna!!!

Even with all the people walking through the square, I could picture in my mind
the carriages, bell hoop skirts, top hats and tails of yesteryear!!!

It's a beautiful city...

I'm not quite sure what they were selling in this store...

I think I need to get a GPS unit for my camera...or take notes...
...or something!!!
I can't for the life of me remember or figure out what building this is...
...but I thought it's a pretty cool building!!!

Starbucks is pretty much the same, world wide!!!

An interesting juxtaposition of contemporary and medieval...
St. Stephan's Cathedral is the medieval!!!

When was the last time you saw a cigarette machine???

This reminded me of the London Eye!

We took the additional tour of the Schonbruun Palace...
the imperial summer residence built for the Empress Maria Theresa.

The grounds were spectacular!

Linda's showing Art how easy taking pics with her phone is compared to his Canon dslr!!!

 Can't you just picture more hoop skirts, top hats and tails strolling along this lovely walk?

Passing by on the drive back to the ship...

Click on the image below to visit more little corners of the world...


  1. So impressive and magnificent!

    1. Thanks LadyFi!!! Schonbruun certainly is impressive!!!

  2. tusen takk for visning , super flott tur !

  3. I've been enjoying every bit of your trip.

    1. Thanks Petrea!!! We enjoyed every bit of it too!!! (Except for the part where I managed to get the ship bug that got me good!!!)

  4. 2 tricks I use. Take a photo of a nearby sign or search Google maps street view

    Fantastic shots!!

    1. I do that too least usually...or maybe often!!! But not this time. I started out doing that...but as the trip went on and I got sidetracked with the Riverboat upper respiratory crud I got a bit lax...

  5. Heheheh i took a photo of the same "tutu" dress on our Viking trip....
    Loved the artists' alley w/umbrellas in Passau too! Bought beads in the bead store there.
    And also thought that church on the Buda side was the best one....the stencilling reminded me of CA Arts & Crafts and William Morris!

  6. Hi Kathryn, I've been admiring your photos. Budapest/Vienna was one of my favorite trips. I want to go back!!! Anyway, the building that you were wondering about is St. Peter's Church.,_Vienna


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