Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where'd they all go???

One of the most interesting and fun sights in Florence is the Ponte Vecchio...the medieval bridge over the Arno River.   What's unusual about this bridge is that along the length of the bridge there are shops and apartments.  According to Wikepedia, the original shops along the bridge were butcher shops.
 Jewelry shops, art dealers and souvenir vendors make up the shops on the bridge today.

Now...being the avid photographer that I am...and being the one who has to get the more unusual shot...I walked over to the edge of the river, just a few feet from the tour group.  
Now...this was a nice shot, but really not my style...so I moved a little closer to the bridge...

Ok...so this was better, but still not quite right...so I moved a little closer....

Awwww...this is the one I wanted!!!  

Ooops!!!  Where'd the group go???  I walked to the bridge, crossed over and back, walked around the bridge entrance...oh well...it's a good thing the guide gave us a meeting spot and time...guess I'll have to meet them there...

Little did I know that the Hubman was getting a bit frantic...he was trying to stay with the group, while at the same time, trying to find me...

Fortunately for all, I found the Hubman and the group, and all was well again...


  1. Oh, I thought you were going to tell us you fell in the Arno. Whew.

    thank you for risking life and limb to get up close and personal. And I didn't know that about the butcher shops. Fascinating.

    (You didn't happen to get a night shot of the ponte, did you?)

  2. Rule #1 Kathy,

    'stay with the tour'

  3. Didn't get any night shots AH...we were on our way back to Rome long before the sunset...I would've preferred to stay in Florence our whole time in Italy, but the Hubman had never been to Rome...and ya just gotta see the Sistene Chapel and the Coliseum and .... when in Rome!!!

    I know Wayne...that's why I don't particularly like tours!!! (Or at least one of the reasons!!!)

  4. Oh, you would have caught magic with the golden light at night. Well, you'll be back.

  5. See, Wayne, I would say Rule #1 is "Get the shot." Of course then I'd be lost in a town where I don't know the language.

  6. It was worth it - the photo is lovely - such unusual colors make this up - so unlike our buildings here in the Northeast.


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