Monday, September 20, 2010

Wandering through the streets of Florence...

What can I say????  Florence is absolutely charming....


  1. Ah, Florence. Looks lovely. I traveled there before, but didn't get to enjoy it (the opposite actually). Look forward to truly experiencing it in the future, perhaps in the Spring. Beautiful photos!

  2. Spring is an excellent time of year to enjoy Florence! The weather should be lovely at that time. Thank you and welcome Prairie Girl!!! Prairie Girl has a delightful blog full of her study adventures in Scotland and now in Saskatchewan...check it out at

  3. How did I miss all these? They're lovely. Florence is a gem.

  4. Florence is indeed a gem Margaret!!! Glad you visited here again!!!

  5. Oh My ...Oh my...oh my...

    I am sooo glad that I stopped by. Florence is dear to my heart. After all, it is where the Renaissance began.

    We were there in 2007 when I had art work in the Florence Biennale. Although it was late November, early December, the weather was mild...not too unlike Southern California.

    There is so much history there.
    I just could not get enough of the vibes from those stones in the piazza.

    Your photos were a great reminder. Thanks!


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